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Monthly Business Meeting

I went to my first monthly business meeting on December 9th. I notice MANY don't attend. The meeting is more fun that I thought it would be…

Started by Angie Thul in Buy-Sell-TradeLatest Reply

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One more reason Africanized bees are a Good thing

Elephants and Bees Please watch this video   and visit the site

Started by Lee Wisnioski in Buy-Sell-TradeLatest Reply

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Latest from Cornell

Somehow this post showed up under "Buy-Sell-Trade." Hoping it goes where intended.  ;-) Open Link to read the latest findings from Cornell…

Started by Donna S. Fernandez in Buy-Sell-TradeLatest Reply

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In need of Bees??

I have 2 water meters with unwanted bees in them and can't take them myself. Adoptive parents must have their own empty hives and gear, nuc…

Started by David McCabe in Buy-Sell-Trade

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Study: Small Cell foundation does not reduce Varroa mite infestation; it can increase infestation.

University of Georgia article, "Small Cell Foundation And Varroa Mites" found mite infestation of small cell hives at 46.6%, which was much…

Started by Mr. Clean in Newbee Questions

2 Jun 16
Reply by DrVS

Removing plastic from frames

Im new to bee keeping and ive been planning to cut a hive out of my shed so i ordered a box and got it at mount botanical garden last weeke…

Started by Thomas in Newbee Questions

7 Jun 9
Reply by Lee Wisnioski


Hello everyone, does anyone know of anyone that sells bumblebee colonies? Or any kind of pollinator other than European honeybees? Yes, I k…

Started by Sean Atkinson in Buy-Sell-Trade

0 Jun 6

Location to place some hives

Hi, I don't have a great deal of bee experience but  I am interested in learning.   If anyone would care to locate some hives in west palm…

Started by Gray Gerber in Buy-Sell-Trade

1 May 26
Reply by Gene miller

Free hive

I have a 3 deep hive that is to aggressive for my backyard. I'm on zero lot line and they go out about 50-75' when being inspected. I'll tr…

Started by Gene miller in Local Neighbors Requests

5 May 26
Reply by Gene miller

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Apiary inspection for registration

I was hoping you guys might have some ideas. Since we don't have an apiary inspector, I am not sure how to get my registration dealt with.…

Started by Samantha Usewick in Buy-Sell-Trade

3 May 16
Reply by Kimberly

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Need help with hive inspections...

I am a new beekeeper and I need help with a hive inspection and a black ant problem with two hives located at a friends house in Jupiter Fa…

Started by Michael Tranchina in Buy-Sell-Trade

0 May 16

Children's bee gear for sale?

Hello, I am in search of a child's beekeeping suit. Does anyone happen to have one for sale? 

Started by Gail Sigelakis in Buy-Sell-Trade

1 May 2
Reply by Angie Thul

When is the

Right time to move the bees froma nailed shut bird house to a nuc??? 2 weeks three? a month  2 or three months?? i see tons of info on how…

Started by charlie Tesoriere in Buy-Sell-Trade

0 Apr 24


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