Good day, If anyone has a bee related question please place that question here in comments or reply. We have some awesome beekeepers that are very happy to answer. 

Please remember that the information expressed here are Opinions.  

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We were in the apiary last Wednesday before the 

business meeting and Lee had a formula for 

spraying oxcilic acid onto the frames what was

the measures. And was that to water.

Do you have the ratios?  I am interested in trying it this season.

5 grams of Oxalic Acid per 250 ml of water  

I am getting new bees next weekend.  I have the place picked out for the hives.  I was thinking of having the hives face west.  Will that cause any problems?  East faces into the yard, west goes back to the fence.  South is also an option if that is better than west.

Any comments/suggestions appreciated.

Fred, Actually south would be better than west. 

I was inspecting the hives today and took some pictures to review in more detail.  I noticed some of the cells looked odd.  The capped cells in the center look strange along with the open cells near them.  It doesn't look like brood.  is there something wrong? 

Fred, good morning, trying to look at your picture I see one capped cell by its self with a pin hole. It could be the beginning of a hatching worker. You could always take a tooth pick and open it up to take a look. The other cells near it that are opened from the picture look like pollen being placed into the cells. But pictures can make it a little tough.

Hi, I am a new beekeeper and have one hive with a brood box and a medium honey supper. My question is that the brood box has a lot of cross cone. Almost impossible to do an inspection without destroying the hive. Should I try to repair it or let it go?

Thanks Jay

Jay, cross comb in a pain in the as*.  One of the dangers is the queen can be behind a piece of the comb and you can't find her or worse you crush her.

Some bees simply love to cross comb.  Other times it is simply not enough wax on the foundation.  

The trick is to clean it up without destroying the hive.  This can be accomplished with a mentor who has more experience.

Have you gone to the Mentor page and looked to see if there is a member who lives in your zip code?  If not go to the page and see if there is a member who can help you out.  

Perhaps you can post a pic or a video and we can see how badly they have cross combed.

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