Good day, If anyone has a bee related question please place that question here in comments or reply. We have some awesome beekeepers that are very happy to answer. 

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Thanks Lee

Lee Wisnioski said:


I wanted to thank Kevin for hosting the varroa mite workshop a few weekends ago; very informative! A lot of valuable information, for which I'm wondering if anyone knows the ratio of oxalic acid to water for the drizzle technique for treatment? Thank you.

I have 1 hive and about three weeks ago it split and last week it did another micro split I looked in the hive today there was about ten queen cells all but one was not capped and in looking at all the frames there seemed to be no new eggs. I have no idea what happen to my queen but I think she is gone. My question is how long do I give the last queen cell to hatch before I should get worried and when should I add a queen or what I’m lost and would hate to lose my first hive 



Shaun, from capped queen cell to the queen laying eggs is around 20 days.

So just wait a little longer I know I have heard of colony’s firing off because of no queen and the workers start laying themselves and that’s the end of that colony 

Angie Thul said:

Shaun, from capped queen cell to the queen laying eggs is around 20 days.

I went out to the hive two weeks ago and notice hive beetles.  I put out some beetle blasters.  Went out today and one was full, the other only had a few.  I checked the hive.  Still lots of beetles.  I didn't see any signs of a laying queen.  No eggs, larvae or capped brood.  No queen cells either.

Any suggestions on what I should do from here?  I put out more beetle treatment but not sure it will help.

When you open the hive, were the bee louder than normal? Is the population noticeably smaller in size? 

I didn't notice if they were louder before I opened the hive but they seemed to be much louder than usual after I closed the hive.  The size does seem to be shrinking.

Will a new queen help?  Are there any available this time of the year?

The hive came from a nuc.  Once the first deep was filled out except for the outer frames I put another deep on top.  It seemed the queen didn't start laying up there, it was mainly honey, but built out.  I am not sure if that makes a difference or not.

Do you have more than one hive? A queen would help if it hasent been too long.

Just the one hive.  Where can I find a queen?  I am willing to give it a try.  

What other options do I have?  

Thanks for getting back to me.  

South part of Palm Beach county try Sam (406)386-8357. North part near Palm Beach County try Jennifer (772)214-5165.

I am looking for a queen, anyplace I can buy one. I live in downtown Lake Worth 

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