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Can somebody provide the name of the supplier that delivers to the monthly meetings?  I'd like to order a starter kit and hood.


No Angie, they are at the base of a trunk.  No way to shake, and I can't think of any way to scoop them out, so I figure I'd try to lure them into a starter kit. Which is why I am trying to find out the name of the supplier that delivers every month to the meetings.



Hey rodney the supplier is south Florida bee supplies and the bees most likely have a hive inside the tree you would need to cut them out if so. Can you trade a few pictures and upload them? Try looking up bee tree cut out on YouTube

If they are on a trunk in which i think that there is most likely a hole. There is a couple of ways to approach this. After you get your supplies. You need to determine the size if the hole or entrance they are using. Like Thomas mentioned can you post a photo?

Okay guys, here are the pictures of the bee hive, one from a distance, the other closerTrap or bait hive maybe?  Or what if I put a deep langstroth near the hive?

Rodney did you watch some videos like i suggested? They are not just sitting on that tree they are living IN it.  They won't just move into your traps. There are 3 ways I've seen to get bees out of a tree. A trap out (you probably won't get the queen) a cut out (literally means cutting the tree up with a chainsaw) or a smoke out (could kill them if you don't know what you're doing) 

Even if you do a trapout it is going to take quite awhile. If you smoke them you loose the brood and the honey staying in the tree.

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