Just starting my third week with Package Bees.  After a few "hiccups" all seems to be going well.  I have an eight frame Langstroth hive and I'm playing with different types of foundations

I have a few (wood) frames with:

a) Yellow wax coated foundations (bees taking well to that)

b) Foundationless frames with popsicle sticks at the top and two rows of fishline (I never have these at the end or two next to each other

c) a pure wax foundation

Does the club recommend one over the other, or is there any issue mixing these in same hive box?

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Frank, first, congratulations and welcome.

Bees don't seem to care what they build comb on.  What you provided will work just fine.  I like to use the black plastic in the brood box.  It make it easier to see the eggs.  

You did not write what size hive box you are using.  Deep, medium, eight or ten frames?  

The entire box has to be full of frames or the bees will build on the inside of the top.

Are you attending the meeting or workshop this week?

Bee Well, Lee

8 frame deep

I really wanted to attend, so much to learn and many questions now that I have my first set of bees

But have a business meeting in Miami Friday & Saturday

I'll do my best to make May's meeting

Frank, Please, take the opportunity to contact the mentor that has the closest zip code to your location, visit the top of the website and "click" on Mentors. Give them a call they will be very happy to answer any questions, it might be easier for you.

Does that mean I should not post questions here?   Are these people home during the day.  Do they take calls at night????

I don't mind posting here and waiting for reply.... also going to meetings on regular basis.  I'll miss upcoming one for I have a business meeting in Miami Fri/Sat

Frank, It is up to you if you want to post. But the mentors is a great way to learn. 

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