2-Year new bee beekeeper has some advice for other newbees;

Report to follow.....

On or about 2018.07.28 at about 1720 hours; I'm out there pulling out some frames from a supper which had been cross-combed, saved all the wax/honey scrapings into a beautiful, food grade plastic bucket with a nylon paint filter, which I had drilled a nice hole in the bottom corner for draining. It was a hot day so I placed the bucket with about 5 pounds of scrapings in it, into a shed in the yard that is about 100 deg inside to aid the draining. I set up a nice, sterilized 1QT jar to catch the liquid gold. I came back to check on it the next day and from sampling the honey the day before I knew it would be AWESOME first-harvest of 2018 honey.

The 1QT jar was filled almost to the edge of the rim with awesome very dark honey......

And.....well.....theres more.....




No pictures included in this post....wouldn't want people spitting out their coffee at their computer monitor....

End of said report....

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Heinz, somehow that don't surprise me. I have my bee equipment except for the foundation ( kept in the house to protect the wax) in my shed. It seems to attract everything. Yes, the heat would speed up the honey flow. But, one thing to remember is that honey can draw moisture, with our humidity it could be possible to increase moisture content to 23%, so it will ferment. I take my honey in the house and process it right away. Just on the side of caution. After seeing the roaches floating in the jar of honey. I would be too grossed out to want to eat it. Sorry, for the lost of your first jar.

Humidity, now that's something I completely neglected to think about! I have a spare bedroom that I have all my BEE stuff in—its a cool 72 deg 24/7 and its where I do all the BEE stuff. On this particular day, I felt there was too little honey/wax to bother with dragging it in the house to play with it, so in the shed it went. I was being LAZY (all caps), L A Z Y!!! So in my haste to post this Advice Adventure, I didn’t mention what my advice is…

Advice #1) for new beekeeper; Don’t be LAZY, take all the steps to properly process what ever it is you’re processing…bee patient :-)

Advice #2) for new beekeeper; If you left your reading glasses in the house, and you’re out in a shed and really can’t believe that your eyes are telling you there are ROACHES floating in your jar of honey—believe your eyes anyway, and do not grab a handy flash light to illuminate the roaches, with their bristly legs and antennae (a sensory wand the insect waves around to check out its surroundings. The plural of this antenna is antennae) floating in the amber liquid, it will be an image that’s hard to UN-see if you know what I mean. I’m still having nightmares.

We live to learn something new everyday.  Thanks for sharing this with others so that they may not experience the same mistake.  

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