I have 2 water meters with unwanted bees in them and can't take them myself.

Adoptive parents must have their own empty hives and gear, nucs would probably be best, and be willing to cut these out of the boxes. I will help.

Contact me asap.



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Hi - it's Tony. We spoke earlier in the month about the bees in my propane lid. We're back in FL on Wednesday. You still have time to move them th the hive? I still have some prep work to do and a couple of things may need your input. I'll call when we get back.

If you still need a home for those in water meters, I may be able to take one or both. Again, we should talk. I'm assuming you still have my number but irrespective, I'll call you next week.



Hey Tony

Call me when your back and I'll help you.

Also I now have quite a few more water meters so you can have as many as you want just need hives for them.


What's an odd hive! A mere technicality ...

I'll call later next week.


I would be interested in the bees if you have any further need. I have gear and and a empty ten frame. Usually available on Friday's. My number is 678-612-2141. Thanks. John.

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