For those of us who take the time and effort to post comments/discussions/photos/Q&A––what would it take for members to either LIKE/COMMENT/or VIEW? Just sayin. Just askin.

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Wassa matta wif u gal? don't ya know wees the only folk on this website and the only ones that matta ;).
Or --
-- Maybe we can manage our time betta?
-- or-- maybe we r just friendly folk:)

You did it! You did it! Fabulous. It can be done, and you responded not once but four times in words (vs. likes or moving on)––I'm impressed. You rock, girl!  ;-)))

I see it more as a way for people to see what's going on.  If someone wants to comment, great, but any way you look at it is good, I have fun posting, it adds to the site, and maybe someone learns something or just smiles. :)  I know I love looking at others' posts.

Gotcha!! Expectations are the bees in the bush, aren't they? Looking is the operative word here––I gotcha. Thanx.

Just keep posting interesting and antecdotal things and more and more people will want to check in to see what's new. Especially if it's funny. (reminds me, I have another beekeeper joke to post. See ya.)

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