I picked up my new Long Lang hive from South Florida Bee Supply today. I think they did a nice job.

I built the stand to put it at an easy height to work it. I'll be painting it and doing a few additions this weekend. Maybe next weekend I can move my Ladies into it.

I'll see if I can post a picture.


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Anxiously waiting for photos and to hear how you like it set up with the girls.  I WANT!

Looks nice!  How much did it cost?

Greg and Jan, Gloria mentioned that they were working on one for you. The screened bottom was holding them up but it should be ready soon. My first impression when I saw it was BIG! I think it was their first long lang and I'll be reporting to them on how it works. It wants to bow in which makes the frames in the middle difficult to install and remove. I've added two 2x2 stringers on the outside to keep it straight. They also make good hand holds. I think I'll make a plywood panel in the shape of a frame that will be deep enough to touch the bottom board. I can use that to block access to unused portions of the box.

Mr. Clean, they charged me $115.00 for the bottom, box and a migratory cover. I also bought a stainless four frame extractor from them for $250.00. It worked very well.

I finally moved my ladies into the long hive Saturday afternoon. There was a lot of burr comb with honey on parts of the old hive so I left the pieces out for the ladies to clean. I put the old queen excluder on top of the new hive.

Sunday morning when I checked on them there was a huge bee war going on! It was awful. Lots of dead and wounded bees. Did I trigger a raid by wild bees by leaving the queen excluder on top of the new hive?

I'm confused. How does this fit "the queen excluder on top of the new hive"?  Did you put it under the top or ????  Inquiring minds (that have a long Lang not set up yet) want to know.....we will set up ours in the Spring.

Sorry that was confusing. It is the queen excluder from the old hive. I just left it on top of the new hive so the ladies could recover the honey they had put in burr comb on the old queen excluder.

The long hive doesn't have a queen excluder per advise I received from Michael Bush.

Things seem back to normal today.

OK, now I get it. Yes, we took off our excluders, too, per Michael Bush. I've only used them as queen "includers" (for a short time) between the bottom board and the hive body when we transferred feral bees from birds boxes.  Worked like a charm. No absconding.  Thanks to Al S. for the tip.  :)))  BTW, my big hives that I took the excluders off never got brood in the supers.

Ok, just wanted to check on how the girls in the long Lang are doing.  We will be setting ours up in the Spring. Did you make partitions?

Hi Guys,

I just posted a sad story about my long lang. It looks like I'm going to lose my hive. I don't think it was the long lang's fault. When I moved the ladies about three weeks ago they had plenty of honey and built out comb. It looks like carpenter ants attacked them and destroyed everything. I have no honey or brood left. I will try again with the long hive but with some ant protection this time.

That is horrifying!  And what ant protection are you contemplating for your long Lang?

The first thing I did was spread diatomaceous earth on the ground under the hive. I will also install grease holders on the stand legs that would force the ants to walk through grease to get to the hive. I'm also considering using Amdro Ant Block. It's a bait type ant poison that claims to be effective against carpenter ants. I'm concerned that the bees might be attracted to it so I sent an email to Amdro. 

It's amazing how quickly the hive declined. I should have inspected it sooner after the move but I didn't want to disturb the ladies until they had gotten settled. It wasn't until I went out at night that I saw the ants.

Hive stand.....that's something I've been thinking about but haven't decided on what I am going to use.  Our plan is not to have this hive at home but a few miles away at a friend's house.  I'm thinking about using  pipe and assorted connectors so I will have "legs" that will fit into grease cans. Anyone tried this or got other ideas?

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