Leaving for Texas next week... I figured I do an inspection before I leave... NOT GOOD

Hive #1 (my Original hive, Brood Chamber Only):  Last week I discovered it had wax moths.  But still a lot of bees. I thought maybe with a lot of bees they might just kill off the moths.  I guess I was naive... more moths too.  I shook remaining bees off and toss all frames into a plastic garbage bag and tossed.  I know I could have frozen them... but the price of frames is cheap.... easier to just toss.  So the box is empty.   I'm leaving cover (roof) off.  Still a lot of bees flying around the box.  I'm hoping they will leave (no protection) or just die.  I will freeze the Box with Dry Ice when I get home from Texas
Hive #2 (Tapcomb, Brood Chamber, and specialize Super):  I notice a lot less activity in this hive over the last week.  I opened the super.... nothing.  Went into the Brood Chamber.  Thousands of Wax Moths.  Did same as I did to Hive #1 and toss 5 frames of the 8 frames.  I got 3 on the patio, loaded with honey.  Go to see if I can "harvest" it and then toss these to.  I'm leaving the cover off this one and while I'm away and hope the remaining bees just leave.  Not sure if I have to Freeze this box, for not sure if Wax Moths can burrow into the Tapcomb composted material.  Will do some research.
Hive #3 (Mean Bees, Brood Chamber, and Super):  Looks good, some hive beetles.  And not sure why, but not mean today.  I know almost for sure, this was the Hive that swarmed last week that I did not catch.  Maybe their busy making a Queen???
Hive #4 (A swarm I captured 3-4 weeks ago without even trying, just a brood Chamber): Healthy, lots of bees, lots of activity.  I took the Tapcomb super and place on top of this.  I did not use the queen excluder.  Let's see what happens.
So very disappointed.  Lost 50% of my bees.  If this keeps up, I'm getting a new hobby

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Where is the location of the bee hives?

my backyard (West Boca)

Angie Thul said:

Where is the location of the bee hives?

What I was asking, is the location on your property. Are they under trees? In a sunny area? Facing south? 


Hive #1 is facing south.  but not under any trees

Hive #2 is facing east, an Almond plant is nearby, but not fully covering the hive

No Wax Moths Hives

Hive #3 facing south and is under a tree (no trace of Wax Moths)

Hive #4: is right next to Hive #2, but no issue

I tossed all the frames in the two affected hives.  I Still have the two brood chambers.  I believe I will have to "freeze" Hive #1.  Hive #2 is not made of wood... so not sure if I have to do anything but clean it out well

I will keep a close eye on the two hives not affected

Also, note I have a Bug Zapper in the yard... hoping to control this issue... but apparently did not

Ok, but even if they are near trees that could affect the amount of sun light on the hive. They more sun light the better. If wax moths are invading the hive it is an indicator that the hive is not as strong as you might think. 

As good way of thinking is, when there is a small amount of bees the box and entrance need to be small. 

My entrance reducers are always on, might be at the widest opening provided, I run screened bottom boards, and my hive are in full sun.

Every beekeeper has a different style of beekeeping. I just wanted to give you an example.

Also I think that there might be a mentor in your area or close to you. You could check on the mentor tab. They might be able to give you some insights as well. 

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