Installed Package Bees in my new (and very first hive) about 2 days ago.   The Hive has one Brood box only with a screened bottom board.  Today I notice hundreds of bees on the outside of the hive "clinging" to the screen bottom.  I gently brushed them off.... but most returned to the same place.  How do I get these bees to enter the hive.... vs playing outdoors?

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Think I found the issue.  Queen was still in her "cage" laying on the bottom of the screen.  I had assumed after two days she would already be out and working.

I put the cage back in (at the top this time), hopefully, bees will now enter to get to her

I'll wait another week until I disturb again and hopefully all will be well

The queen is still caged?

yes... today is the third day

and I was wrong about when I said: "I think I found the issue".  Queen is in a cage inside hive up high.  1,000's of bees still clinging to the screen on the bottom.  I brush them off.... but they just return.  I disturbed them twice today.... so going to give it a rest.  Tomorrow I will try to catch them in a trap, and then dump them into the hive.  maybe that will work

Next Hive I populate will be with a NUC.....hopefully I will not have these issues



Even though you have the queen caged...when you had brushed the bees under the hive. Did you look for a queen? 

Was not able to look for the queen.  What I did do was to get a big Goldfish need from a pet store and gentle brush all the bees off the bottom.  Then place in Hive.  That seems to solve the issue.  A full weekend has gone by and all bees now in the hive.  Actually doing a great job in pulling comp.  Now I'll wait a few days and check for queen or larve.  Thanks

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