It has been suggested that I re-queen my hive for a more docile nest. Any suggestions on what type of queen I should look for, and would now be a good time to do this?

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Docile and underflourishing hive is what Caitlin thinks we have, also. There's a queen, but no brood yet. She recommended dropping honey comb down or feeding sugar syrup. I related that I've read you can make a spray solution of water with either some sugar or honey dissolved, open the top, and spray lightly on the girls. It can also act in place of a smoker, and when they lick it off they're fortified. Caitlin said she knew of that, and said it works.

Michael Bozich said:

I was going to re-queen one of my hives last week, but someone suggested that I wait until spring since it was so late in the year.  My reasoning had more to do with an under-performing queen than aggressiveness.  The hive is very docile, but hasn't flourished like my other hives.  In your case it might be valid to do it now, but I'd check with the pros.

Got some advice from Al, to look for new queen cells and get rid of them before placing the new Queen in, as well as place the Queen cage in within 4 hours, this should keep the bees from starting new Queen cells. 
John Bickley said:

De-Queening is done, I will place my new Queen in tomorrow afternoon.
John Bickley said:

Received my queen this morning from Wendy Latner @ Santa Fe Queens, Alachua Fla.

Going to take care of the Queen this afternoon, and put the new Queen in tomorrow.

Been there done that, but I caught her and had Gregg do the deed--I could not watch--then dropped her back in.  Later, I actually saw a bee fly her out....Next day, in went the new queen.  They have been doing much better ever since.  It still makes me sad but it was for the good of the hive.

Some beekeepers keep the dead queens and put them in rubbing alcohol to make a queen pheromone solution to attract swarms.

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