Im new to bee keeping and ive been planning to cut a hive out of my shed so i ordered a box and got it at mount botanical garden last weekend. When i got home i realized they gave me all plastic frames but i was planing to rubber band the brood comb to empty frames for the bee's.. im not sure how difficult removing the plastic comb is or if it's even necessary? I did tell them on the phone i was planing a cut out so i don't know why they gave me these frames i feel like im braking something just bought and that's no good

I guess the question is do i need to take the frame apart to get the plastic out or can i push it out without breaking it? Or cut it out with a knife etc

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Thomas, If the frames are wood then the plastic foundation comes out. Just put pressure towards the middle of the plastic foundation and they will flex and pop out. Don't throw them away you can use them later.................

Thank you angie. Iff this weather ever clears up i plan to do it today:)

Not good weather to attempt this. Wait for a sunny day. And have a back up plan and some help. People get paid to do this, for a reason. Think about it and good luck.

Yea i have decided to put it off until the weather is nice. It's too humid to be wearing the bee jacket and doing all that work. The hive has been there months so im not in a rush.

Thomas, have you clicked on the "Mentor" tab at the top of the page?  Look at the zip codes and see if one of our wonderful Volunteer Mentor lives nearby and can help you.

Well i will have to buy some bees they had a sick hive and left.i noticed not much activity since the rain quit. I think the last few really hot days must have been too much. the hive all fell and there wasnt any honey so maybe there are bee's stealing it. I saw 2 buzzing around the empty comb. i only saw 1 beetle but there are tons of larva

Thomas, OR you could take a piece of the comb in the picture.  rubber band it in one of your frames.  Put it in the box you have pictured.  Add two drops of Lemon grass oil and wait.  You will have created a swarm trap.

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