Study: Small Cell foundation does not reduce Varroa mite infestation; it can increase infestation.

University of Georgia article, "Small Cell Foundation And Varroa Mites" found mite infestation of small cell hives at 46.6%, which was much higher than the 5.2mm cell with infestation of 27.7%.

Ironic quote from the article, "many a brilliant idea has since been ship-wrecked by the unforgiving objectivity of the scientific method."

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Enlightening and depressing.

Yes, it is sad that even a researchers don’t paying attention to the biology of the bee colonies. This idea was proven faulty in middle of 80th in Europe. Because of a low level of information distribution and influence of the  money, “make sense” beekeeping is suffering.

Even referenced experiments demonstrated significant discrepancies (possibly intent to conform needed answer)   in presented data. 

in every event researches want to prove what they start out to prove. i am a non believer.! my hives are natural comb. and a very minimum to no veroa! so i feel natural is the way to GOOOOO

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