I added my NUC to my brood box about 11 days ago...it's about 80% filled now so I want to add a second brood box on top...How do I do that?

Do I move some frames up and put some new frames below? Which frames should be moved up? Brood?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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Michael, What size equipment are you using?  Are you saying the bees went from a 5 frame deep to eight frames in 11 days?

Usually bees will move up on their own in the brood box but you can move up an outside frame.  

Are you using foundation? 

Have you gone to the Mentor page to see if there is a local mentor who would be willing to help you?

Hello Lee,

I started out with an eight frame deep...I installed my NUC and added three frames with a starter strip (no foundation). After 11 days, of the three new frames, I had one completely drawn frame, one half drawn frame and one frame that was about 1/6th drawn...which means my brood box was about 85% drawn...In did not want to take any chances, so I asked on another forum and they suggested that I add a second brood box under my current brood box, which I did...I decided to not disturb the frames in my current broad box, so I added 5 frames with foundation, and 3 frames with only a starter strip in the new enjoy brood box...

Ok, so then you are all set.  

Watch and see what happens next.  We are currently on a nectar flow and bees are quite busy.

If the bees don't require the added space they won't use it.

Resist if you can...going into the hive too often.   Lots can be determined by observation at the entrance :)

Hope this helps, Lee

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