I have been slammed by wax moth,even a couple of hive that were strong tHe week before
Have been lost. What can I do. Glenn

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Reduce the amount of drawed comb down in the hive. It is too much for the bees to manage or guard. Keep the drawed comb the size of the cluster of bees. If you throw the frames that you have taken out into a freezer for 24 hours or so it will kill the wax moths. Then you can take them out and let them warm up and they can be used again. 

Glenn, wax moths usually move in after the hive has collapsed or absconded.

I have had the same thing happen, strong hive one week next week, no bees and lots of wax moths.  Problem turned out to be ants.  Make sure you don't have ants driving your bees out.

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