2018 April Board Business Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Kevin Easton, Lee Wisnioski, Eric Baxter, Cindy Rush, Phil Macnak, Angie Thul, Nancy Palilonis, Alex Perdomo, Harry Folger, Margaret Smart-Folger, John and Daune Frankenfield, CG, Heinz, Rick Ricketts, Shirley Hodgson, Charles Bell, Eric Cheromcka, Scott Dupes, Angela Yow, Gilbert Lopez, Frank LoCascio and Deanna Rebelo

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m. A quorum was called.

Board meeting minutes were read. Lee made motion to approve minutes and Kevin seconded motion, minutes voted and approved.

Membership Report – 12 people signed up in March on Paypal; March fun meeting – 2 renewing members and 3 new members

President’s Report by Lee – Club logo in final stages for trademark - April 7 workshop was huge success – approx..30 people attended. Miles Chapman and David McCabee donated funds to Club at Saturday’s workshop

Treasurer’s Report by Alex – 2017 financials finished. January and February reconciled; March balance $ redacted; quarterly report to be sent audit for review-

Motion made and seconded to accept treasurer’s report.

Committee Reports –

Speaker coordinator not at meeting– President/V-P reported that only a couple of months this year not scheduled for speakers –

Website – Lee and Kevin taking care of website – website was up and running at meeting – showed demonstrations on navigating site.

Raffle report – discussions about what to include on raffle table for fun meeting; CG asking if monthly raffle budget also to include the cost of monthly door prize at business meetings and also to make sure that donors be thanked for items donated.

CG wants a newsletter posted on website

food trucks will be scheduled for Friday night fun meetings. Greek food truck “Souvlaki” will be at the May meeting.

Outreach report by Kevin – Kevin is contact person for volunteer events.

Club receives many requests for outreach by community and these requests will be posted at Events page on website. Many volunteers are needed - a suggestion was made by Club member to post “pending events” on site. Volunteers can sign up on-line.

Duane Frankenfield volunteered to put together a syllabus/curriculum to assist Club volunteers when making presentations to schools.    

Apiary report – Eric reported that apiary assistants built benches, and switched over hives, eliminated dead hives, top bar hive re-established, new bees added.

Open discussions for planning Club picnic in May re: dates and location. Angela Yow volunteered to be picnic chairperson.

President Lee sent letter on behalf of Club to Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam re: protecting bees as agricultural asset. Other beekeeping groups were copied on letter and encouraged to send similar letters.

New business:

Open discussion about people shown on website as bee removal contacts and Club’s liability for showing these names.

Alex made a motion that anyone on the bee removal list on Club website must be a current paying member of the Club. Kevin seconded motion. Vote carried.

Kevin made a motion that anyone shown on website as bee removal contact must volunteer 16 hours to Club every year in order to stay on the list of bee removal contacts. Phil seconded motion. Discussion followed. Eric then made a motion to amend volunteer hours to 12 hours.   Kevin seconded amended motion.

Call – a minimum of 12 volunteer hours be given to Club each year in order to be listed on the bee removal page of Club website. Vote carried.

Club secretary will keep track of volunteer hours for people shown on bee removal page.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 pm

Respectfully submitted, Cindy Rush

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