2018 February Board Business Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes 

Attendance: Kevin Easton, Lee Wisnioski, Eric Baxter, Cindy Rush, Phil Macnak, Cg, John Frankenfield, Heinz, Scott Dupes, Tim Small, John and Teresa Coldwell, Rick Ricketts, Shirley Hodgson, Joe Miggins, Nancy Palilonis, and Glen Moody

 The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. A quorum was called. Board meeting minutes were read and voted and approved.

President’s Report –workshops held at Kevin’s house were huge hit- many new attendees – Club off to great start for new year

Alex was not present, treasury report read by Kevin. Redacted after fair. Alex is still looking for Treasurer’s assistant (volunteer - not to be board member).    

South Florida Fair De-Briefing: report by Kevin Easton, committee chair for fair –

Fair in general seemed to have low attendance.

$175 in donations was collected and Kevin would like to add $175 from Club to make a $350 donation to the Florida State Bee Lab.  $350 donation will get our club 1 sq. foot of space at the new bee lab.   It is also hopeful that our previous donations will get us an honorable mention one of these days from the bee lab and the FSBA.

Overlapping shifts of volunteers was good plan - ensured there were enough people to cover shifts

Good sales items:(1) honey - make sure to have 1,000 bears on hand,  (2) honey sticks - over 6,000 sold;  (3) t-shirts – conference t-shirts all sold; other t-shirts sold well too.  Slower moving sale items: wax, lip balms, body scrubs.

Recommendation made that next year Club needs trac phone or phone card that gets data reception, so charge card sales are not lost due to poor Wi-Fi reception at fairgrounds. Volunteers should also be trained to use charge features.

An inventory will be made before next year’s fair. Club ran out of no inventory for this year’s fair sales.

Club should order another 250 honey bears of Wildflower and Orange Blossom variety to have on hand for future sales at future events.

Discussions made about selling products on our website, but due to our 501(c)3 status, online sales are prohibited.    

Discussions about booth at fair and the need to “connect” bee education and bee sales areas. It was decided a banner connecting the 2 areas would help fair patrons to understand our mission on sales and education.   We need to make sure we have enough literature for bee education.  

Thanks to John Frankenfield again for making overhead lights and to Eric for supplying the bees for observation hive.

CG discussed making cabinetry behind bee booth to contain supplies/inventory and also to have a continuous running video on large screen showing audience how beekeepers maintain/inspect their hives.  

Phil – membership report – Phil tendered his resignation as second VP (“on hold temporarily”) due to illness. Nancy Palilonis volunteered to step in and assume Phi’s position during this period for documenting and updating membership information.

Palm Beach County Beekeepers now has control of the website. Will automatically renew.  

Krista Butler sent a notification that she would need to resign as raffle chairperson. CG has taken on that position for $200 monthly raffle. A Motion was made and seconded that CG be given lifetime membership. It was also agreed that CG shall still have a vote in Club decisions.

Apiary behind school needs a chairperson to take care of hives.   Equipment box needs stocking and maintenance. Tim Small and Joe Miggins agreed to be assistant apiary caretakers. This discussion will continue at general/fun meeting.

Education/Outreach – more requests are received than can currently be handled.   Primary mission of Club is to educate public about bees and beekeeping. Club needs to work out ways to serve public and benefit the Club. More volunteers are needed to help train and educate. Girl Scouts have expressed an interest in training the scouts to educate others about beekeeping and possibly earn a badge for their efforts.

Rare Fruit Council opportunity on March 24; Daggerwing opportunity on April 22. These are good opportunities for Club exposure; corn festival could also be a good opportunity but needs more Club staffing

Old Business:Pest Control Operators – meeting cancelled. No future date determined yet. Keith Counsel pushing for a voice for beekeepers. March 7 is quarterly meeting for pest control operators and Eric will be there and represent Club.

New Business: Nancy Palilonis came forward with a code violation cited to her by City of Delray Beach. She contacted Carmen Fraccia, Apiary Supervisor, at 863-990-3024 for assistance. He is a good source to help beekeepers.

Kevin reminded everyone to review their respective municipalities for “home rule” beekeeping regulations.

Eric suggested a cut-out workshop at his apiary prior to March meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm

Respectfully submitted, Cindy Rush

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