July 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

July 11, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Lee Wisnioski, Eric Baxter, Alex Perdomo, Cindy Rush, Phil Macnak, CG, Heinz Frick, Angela Yow, Charles Bell, Tim Small, Nancy Palilonis, Family Julius, Diane Stuckart, Holly Shaw, Angie Thul, John Frankenfield, Rubie Odom, Brandie Horner, Gabriela Hassil, Luciana Douglas, Brenda Mariano, Steven Brown

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 p.m. A quorum was called.

Board meeting minutes were read. Eric made motion to approve minutes, Alex seconded motion, minutes voted and approved.

President’s Report – July meeting with Dave Westervelt had over 100 people in attendance – also workshop with Westervelt at Kevin’s house on Saturday. Club supporting newly-formed Florida Live Bee Removal Association –to assist in getting honey bees labeled as AG asset, not pests.

Treasurer’s Report –Non-reconciled balance for June is $redacted. Amount through May is $redacted; net profit for 1st five months is $redacted. Eric made motion to accept Treasurer’s report. Unanimously accepted.

Membership Report – July meeting- 5 new members from fun meeting and 1 new member at July board meeting.

Gabriela – August speaker will be Jeffrey Harris – topic – “bee anatomy”

September speaker will be Solomon Parker – topic - “easy breeding”

Speakers are lined up for remainder of fun meetings in 2018

possible speaker for 2019–Keith Delaplane- Univ of GA, his quote to speak is $700 + travel + accommodations (and hopefully a workshop on Saturday too)

Tammy Horn - scheduled speaker for October, 2019 fun meeting 

Angie – webpage – checking out Instagram as additional communication method

Raffle report –$379 taken in for raffle tickets

biggest sellers - VHS queen/NUC box/honey bucket/cookbook

T-shirts –new dri-fit t-shirts have been well received by Club members - members can make request for specific size of t-shirt to Gmail account

Education/Outreach: Kevin made a motion mid-June via e-mail that the Club donate $2,000 to sponsor 1 observation hive at the new UF Bee Lab in Gainesville, Florida. Lee seconded the motion. Vote carried.

Apiary Report – 1 hive at Pine Jog; 1 top bar hive growing off premises – to be returned to Pine Jog once stable. Club would consider taking donations of unwanted hives to Pine Jog apiary


Heinz Frick volunteered to store and honey inventory and product inventory

Meeting to be scheduled in near future with newly formed AG committee

Deadline for input for newsletter will be 8th of each month.   Angie will be final editor.

There were further discussions about creating short videos for fair booth and what type content to show.


Sierra has offered to hold a free queen rearing class July 21st at her house. Eric makes motion to accept this event and approves it for placement on website as upcoming event. Alex seconded. Motion passed.

Discussions about possibility of bus trip to attend grand opening of Bee Lab in Gainesville August 25th.   An e-mail blast will be sent out to see if enough members interested to rent bus.

Reminder that there is a page on website where 1” aluminum stencils can be ordered for labeling hive boxes

Lee won the NUC raffle and donated it to new beekeeping family at business meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25.

Respectfully submitted, Cindy Rush


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