April 2012 Meeting Munites

April 2012 - Board Meeting Minutes


Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association

April 2012 – Board Meeting Minutes

James Chapman, Al Salopek, Sara White, Alexandra V. Kaufman

4-6-12 at 5:30 PM

Last month’s minutes approved. 

Treasurers report: $ 12,810.25

Old Business: 

 Insurance - Insurance Office of America, agent Floyd Nichols;  will be obtaining quotes for club, club and officers, with bees and or without bees.  

Sara has available copies of the Standard Operating Procedures for Yahoo Group members to use.    

Picnic: still pending for discussion.

Jim will thank all volunteers that donated their time for the following events during March:

Marsh Pointe Elementary Ecopalooza;  Chris Swartz and Sara White.

West Palm Beach Library: Jim Chapman.

The Canadian Club of the Palm Beaches: Al Vazquez.

Top Bar Hive Apiary Tour, conducted by Sam Comfort:need to find out who attended.  

New Business:

Elizabeth Schmidt - FAU microbiology student will be collecting honey samples to study antibacterial qualities.

Al Salopek, conducted  workshop to build hives from 11:00 am - 6:00 pm on April 24, 2012;  20 people attended, 60 hives were built, 60 bottom boards, 60 lids, 600 frames with plasticell, 10__________, 15 hives from NUCS, etc.


Saturday, 14th April - Palm Beach Beekeepers Conference - conducted at Pine Jog Environmental Education Center.

Thursday, 19th April, 4:00 to 7:00 pm. - Whole Foods (PBG) Earth Day celebration.  Cannot sell club products, just display observation bee hive and educational materials.  Jim Chapman has volunteered to support this event.

Saturday, 28th April - Daggerwing Nature Center.   Without Insurance we cannot sell honey or wax products.  Thus, they would still like us to participate with our observation hive and training materials.  Jim Chapman has volunteered for this event.

Tuesday, May 1st, Morikami Park elementary Earth Day Fair, from 5:00 - 6:00 pm.  We can sell honey and candles at our display.

Thursday, May 3rd, New Horizons Elementary Career Day, 8:15 am to 12:30 pm

Guest Speakers for, April through July have been selected:

April - William Steel from Bee Natural Honey               

May - Michael Kantor; Beneficial properties of propolis  

June - Mark Dykes (UF HBREL) - Instructing Prisoners in Beekeeping:  Lecture to be held at Wellington High School by video conference.  Cost for room rental will be $25.00 per hour.  (FAU charges $165.00 for first hour and $115.00 for each additional hour).

July - Mario Jakob from D & J Apiary, Inc.

Aug. through November, to be scheduled.

December - Pot Luck End of Year Celebration                                            

Close of meeting:

Meeting adjourned at 6:50 PM

Minutes respectfully submitted by: Alexandra V. Kaufman

April 2012 - Regular Meeting Minutes



Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association

April 2012– Regular Meeting Minutes

4-6-12     7:10 PM

Minutes of the March meeting were approved.

Guest Speaker, William Steel from Bee Natural Honey, a small honey packer from Homestead, Florida.  Bee Natural Honey has been in existence for approximately forty years and its owner Barry Garring, sold it five years ago.  Had accounts such as Winn Dixie, which has been lost and was 10% of the business, (they are buying low grade and other cheapest honey).  Bee Natural, is a small company with 3 employees.


Screened only, use minimum heat of 130 degrees only, no pasteurization.  Engage with beekeepers that have at least 200 beehives, one of them being Gruewell Apiaries who own about 4 thousand beehives that were inherited.  Bee Natural tries to maintain the local seasonal flavors. 

Issues of importance:  Fraud, Importation, to prevent dumping of honey.  Some of these countries being China, India, and Indonesia.  Adulteration and lack of Regulations, Honey Variety - cotton candy, from a small valley in the Pacific North West area, (Oregon, Washington), crystallization, moisture content, 19.5 or below.  (This winter moisture content of honey has been good, 18.3, 18.7).  

Bee Natural has a network of approximately 60 beekeepers.  Honey is a product...a small label defined product, a very transparent business.  USDA reports prices, Bee Natural works on a CO-OP basis, meaning, pays within 30 days.

Factors that influence honey-making:  

Colony Collapse Disorder, in Florida not very heavily.

Pesticides, in California, the almond crops...numbs bees enough that they cannot find their way back home.

Bee Natural goes through 5-55 gallon drums per week.

Treasurer’s Report: $ 12,810.25

Old Business: 

Insurance - Insurance Office of America, agent Floyd Nichols.  Working in obtaining quotes for the entire club, club and officers, with bees and or without bees.

Picnic:  still pending for discussion.


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