April 2014 Meeting Minutes Business


Palm Beach Beekeepers Association Board Minutes Wednesday April 9 2014.

Meeting called order at 6:47 PM.     Due to the resignation of the Vice President and Secretary; board members discussed nominations for the two empty positions.

Note:  The Charter states a quorum is necessary for a board meeting.  The President and Treasurer were in attendance.  After discussion and voting the empty positions were filled.  Vice President, Mark Young and Secretary, Kevin Easton are new board members.


Meeting officially called to order at 7:00 PM.  All board members present as well as 17 paid PBBA members.

 Agenda Items:

 Old Business: Attendance at last club function.

 New Business:

 1.  FSBA 2014 State Beekeepers Conference  (Al Salopek)

     Our Club was awarded and will co-sponsor The State Beekeepers conference.

Various venues discussed.  Speakers, Event Planning, Vendors, Banquet, etc. were also discussed.   Al shared a web site and asked us for our input once we have  reviewed it.    Board and members present were all in agreement.  We want to make this the best conference the FSBA had held and leave a footprint for future conferences.

  2.  Treasurers Report   (Nedra Obradovich)  

      Still in the green.  No issues.  See Nedra for balances if interested.  

 3.  Friday Club Meeting issues:

     Speakers/paid club members/non paid members (web)

     Our speakers our educating as well as drawing lots of people and new members. 

     Discussion on how best to handle speaker meetings was tabled do to the     time.

 Meeting adjourned 9:00 PM  These minutes were taken and respectfully submitted by 

Kevin Easton  

PBBA Secretary

April 10th 2014    

 Please note that any additions, deletions or modifications to these minutes will be submitted and approved by the board before being published. 

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