April Meeting Minutes

April 5, 2013 - Regular Meeting Minutes

 Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association

April 2013– Regular Meeting Minutes

04-5-13     7:12 p.m.

Present:  Al Salopek, Al Vazquez, Alexandra V. Kaufman, and Nedra Obradovich 

Treasure's report:  (Amount available at monthly meeting).

Old Business:

Presented to Leonard Khan, past president, a pair of gloves .


Advantages:  your own pass word, your own page to set up pictures, questions, etc.  The site is interactive.  Now there are 82 members in the website.  Toolbar - for different drop downs';  school lectures, postings from out of state can view what we are accomplishing, members can post articles that can be of specific interest to You, you can pay your dues' now online with a credit card.  Forget password box - will send you an e-mail to reset your password, do not need an invitation, you can invite friends, you can share videos.  

We want the expertise from other people from different states.

We are linked to Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Business:

A.  Insurance: Quotes for beekeepers in general and to perform bee removals.  

Policy - honey harvesting and bees (1,000.000.00 ) 1 million dollars.  Auto-owner insurance - $281.20 per year.  In Venice, Florida - for extracting honey, Pest Control requires only 1/2 million

Policy - bee removal....Texas Insurance and Financial, covers: property  da mage, electric line damage, $569.00 per year.  Al Salopek"s $769.00 per year.

Checking up on 200 or 250 per year?

Liability Insurance for having a bee hive in back of your house.  Specifics...read the documents that say:  "Bees are Excluded". 

Hobbies are covered under your Home Insurance. 

B.  Raffle:

A 10 frame deep box with plastic cells and10 frames 

A bag of honey jelly beans

A 60 pound bucket

A frame assembly kit

A one year subscription - American Bee Journal

C.  Speakers by Sierra

April 13 - event

Small workshops throughout the year:  

Tom Sealy - his videos (recomended by Leonard Khan).  Two day event, November 8-9, Friday and Saturday.  Tom Sealy from New York, Cornell University.  He is charching $500.00 per day plus travelling expenses.

Michael Bush - September 7, Saturday, $125.00 per day.  Topics:  beehive as a factory, honey bee democracy, honey bee swarms.

Dilespi -  has not answered back but at this time she is very busy.


Motion by Leonard Khan:  $6,000.00 special events or workshops, $1,500 per year, room;  no problem, topic;  poll will be set-up on the website. 


Dr. Kern - Ft. Lauderdale;  Pest Management

Dr. Magami - University of Florida, Gainsville, Bee College

Jamie Ellis - University of Florida

Mario Jakob - D & J Apiary;  Queen Rearing;  Commercial and Backyard, Grafting with eggs or larvae.  

Outreach Requests:

April 20, 2013, Saturday, Earth Day, Al Vazquez has volunteered.

Nature Escaping Event, at Mc Arthur Park, was a success,  $500.00 sales.  Would like to place an Observation Hive - Lenny Lane has offered to maintain the observation bee hive. 


Other business:

Brendham - Science Fair Museum, in Atlanta.


Voted in favor:  to spend $500.00 worth to purchase honey.


Mount Botanical Garden - no bees could be placed in the garden due to liability purposes.  Now, a Grant has been granted to put bees in the garden.  Will project for displaying an observation bee hive.


An Observation Bee Hive - a donation of $1,000.00 from Bee Understanding.  An office display or building a pavillion by the vegetable garden or place an actual bee hive there to be maintained by us, the palm beach beekeepers association members'.  It could laso be designed by one of us - Al Vazquez suggests.  Al Salopek has previously seen a model from Denmark - a fiberglass top bar bee hive.


Debbie:  cookbook with proceeds for our club.  Maybe even a Calendar.


Mead Sampling:  Drink after a year - after 2 years is drinkable...used a yeast - high alcohol content, 18-20% alcohol.


Need Volunteers to finish setting up the fence around the apiary.


Website:  create an event, visiting the apiary, rules, online log book, ex:  hive 1, 2, 3.........hive 8.   Hive 1 needs food, hive 2 has beetles......etc., so that the next member that visits the hive knows what is needed in the hives.


Hygienic bees:  being made by Bob Harvey;  these are genetically able to get rid of varroa mites and beetles.


Dial - My - Calls:  a reminder of beekeeping meetings.

Website:  start a current list with members' telephone numbers.


John and Maria Mc Manus:  have a farm in Jupiter and are accepting beehives.  Contact tel. 561.727.6867, 561.727.6750


Meeting Adjourn at 9:00 p.m. 

Minutes submitted by Alexandra V. Kaufman


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