August 2014 Club Meeting Notes

I will update these notes after next board meeting to reflect anything the board may want to have included.

Club meeting started at 07:00. Quick update on conference and reminder from Al to promote the Bee Conference Oct. 2, 3 and 4th

Club meeting presentation was on Mead making. Seth ? from ? was introduced. Prior to the start of the meeting Seth and his assistand Noel, gave away some samples of his mead. He had to chilled flavors. Our President also brought in a bottle of his mead to sample.

Kudos to them for sharing and letting us all taste the various meads made with honey!

You can get a copy of Seth's presentation wheree?

83 people attended the meeting. Thanks to Charlene and Carol for bringing in the treats. Also many thanks to other members who also brought in their favorite treats to share.

Door price winner was Frank Becker. Frank gave his honey door price to some 1st time attendees sitting next to him. Another 1st time attendee also donated jar of honey for a 2nd door prize. I didn't get her name but we thank her for sharing her honey.

Many 50/50 raffle prizes were given away. Glen M. won the bee conference tickets and quickly donated them back to the club (he had a ticket already.) Thank you Glen!

We closed the meeting down at 9:00 PM and hope the cleaning crew wasn't upset or turn us in. Everyone had a great time. Beekeepers are the best!

Notes respectfully submitted

Kevin Easton
PBCBA Secretary

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