August 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Eric Baxter, Alex Perdomo, Phil Macnak, CG, Angie Thul, John Frankenfield, Kevin Easton, Steven Brown

The meeting was called to order. A quorum was called.

Board meeting minutes were read. Motion made to approve minutes, seconded and approved.

President’s Report – Jeff Harris was well received at July fun meeting. About 25 people attended workshop held by Jeff Harris on Saturday. Club did not get enough response to charter bus or van to grand opening of Bee Lab in Gainesville.

So. Fla. Fair begins January 17, 2019, and theme is “Superheroes.”   Fair booth preparations and discussions will begin soon.

Treasurer’s Report –reconciled balance for July is $redacted. Net profit for 7 months is $redacted. Jan.-June financials sent to audit committee. Quickbooks no longer links with bank; needs updating. Online version best option for upgrade. Kevin made motion that Club purchase Quickbooks at $17 month so we have continually updated software. Eric seconded. Phil, Kevin, Alex and Eric approved. Motion carries.

Raffle Report - $376 taken in for July raffle.

Steven Brown - t-shirts – thanks to his wife, Heinz Frick and Cindy Rush for inventory, packaging and labels for shirts. Some shirts have been given away to speakers and others as “good will.”

Old Business:

Discussions about types of bee videos to show at fair booth next year. Videos should be kept short and quick. Suggestion about including video from new UF Bee Lab. Club members should send John Frankenfield mini video clips of various bee activities and he can then put together a draft video. E-Mail videos to John via Club website.

AG Committee – State of Fla. should be able to help with written literature as to best guidelines for ratio of hives on certain properties.   This could then be presented to newly appointed PB County AG appraiser.

New Business:

Steven Brown –mentioned that there was interest expressed in Club purchasing coolies with Club logo for re-sale - would be good exposure for Club and bees.

Apiary – top bar hive will soon be returned to Pine Jog apiary. 6-7 hives of various sizes would be good assortment to keep for education at Club apiary.

Meeting adjourned at 7:39 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Cindy Rush

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