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You have come to this page because you or someone you know has a Beehive in a house or tree and you want to have it removed. Additionally, You have seen the many News reports concerning the recently large loss of bees. The term for this large loss of bees is Colony Collapse Disorder.    

You want to do the Right Thing and SAVE-THE-BEES.  

Therefore you are wondering why a Beekeeper won't come and remove the bees for FREE.  After All, he/she gets to keep the bees.  Right?   Here is why Live Bee Removals cost money?  Live bee removals should be done by a registered and experienced beekeeper who is licensed and insured to remove bees.  

Live Bee Removals are similar to other service professionals, who service pools, air conditioning and roofs.  Live Bee Removal Specialists are professionals who deserve to bee paid for their hard work saving the honey bee.  The specialist must pay fees to be a registered beekeeper to keep the bees, provide a state-approved hive and queen. Additionally, there are the costs of their insurance and tools.  Value your beekeeper as you would any other specialist!

The Palm Beach Beekeepers Association does NOT do Bee Removals.  You may contact our members listed below who do removals. 

We recommend that you contact more than one of the members listed, understanding that they are independent contractors, with different amounts of experiences and skill levels.  Some on the list are companies while some are independent beekeepers.   Some of them carry liability and professional insurance.  Some do not.

One thing you can and must do to prevent the bees from comming back is to secure the outside of your house.That means closing up any holes in your exterior that are larger than 1/4 inch.  Holes in walls that pipes go through are great doorways for a hive. Ask your handyman to seal up your house. Fill holes with insulation or caulk so they do not have a place to hide and grow in.

Please conduct your own Due Diligence by clicking on the names below.

Eric Baxter           Brendhan Horne          Kevin Easton        Leonard & Bebe Khan     
  Stephen Byers       Al Salopek            Sierra Malnove       Nick brewer   
 Carol Nevius Jones      Glenn Moody             Mike Gebert       John & Mary Ann Kebeck      
              Nancy Palilonis 

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