December 2017 Board Business Meeting Minutes

December 13th, 2017 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Kevin Easton, Lee Wisnioski, Angie Thul, Gabriela Hassil, Cg, John Frankenfield, Heinz, Frick, Scott Dupes, Cindy Rush, Phil Macnak, and Eric Baxter.

 The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. A quorum was called.

Old Business: Board meeting minutes were read.  Kevin makes a motion with Lee 2nd and the minutes were voted and approved.

Alex was not present, but Kevin has the treasury report as of November 30th the unreconciled balance of Redacted.

Pot luck dinner was great, with less than $ 1000.00 was spent.

After further discussion in regard to Phil Craft it was decided that it was too expensive and it was voted as “No”. Angie mentioned that she had e-mail Michael Bush a few times with no response. Kevin gave his phone number to Angie to reach out.

Gabriella spoke to Maria Spivak and was declined.

She also reached out to Jennifer Berry and the pricing was $ 500.00 plus all expenses. It has not been verified on topics or staying with a host.

Lee makes a motion for Gabriella to get further information, with Angie 2nds the motion.

New business: Angie brought up a discussion about January Fun Meeting, with board members ideas about making mead and Sam Comfort.

There was talk about the South Florida Fair with going out on Sunday around 11:00, to start the setup of the booth. (December 17th). Also, was discussed about revisions to the booth itself and items to sell.

Kevin mentioned about Naturescape coming March 2018, with many more events to come.

There was talk about the master beekeepers program will not be at Blountstown, FL.

Eric brought up the Environmental Advisory council meeting in sometime in January, how important it will be and there needs to be many people to be there.

Lee mentioned that the trademarking is still ongoing even after the responses he had sent.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:48 p.m. by President Kevin Easton.

Respectfully Submitted, Angie Thul

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