Feb 2011 meeting minutes

Minutes of PBC Beekeepers Association-February 2011 Meeting

Date:  February 4, 2011

Time: 7:00-8:12 PM

32 members,10 visitors

Minutes:  Old minutes accepted with no corrections, 1st Brendhan, 2nd Matthew Bernston

Treasurer Report: $10,778.74 total in checking and money market, no statements received

Expenses $8,691.76, Profit from fair $1,749.00

Program Speaker:  Bud Grant, State Bee Inspector for our area

Highlight of  Information included: 15,000 colonies in his area, 76 beekeepers

-No queens available in the US till March, no queen rearing at this time due to shortage of flying drones

-Watch for yellow tint on brood, which is a virus from varoa

-Keep ferral bees isolated  from bee yard, 2 miles suggested to avoid disease to existing hives

-No Africanized activity in our area, was more pronounced 3 years ago

-3 recommended queen breeders:  Bob Harvey, Mark McCoy, Joe Redensky

-Apiguard recommended for Varroa, Feb. is the time to use when everything is dormant, leave on for 2 weeks, fill in bottom board, if it dries out, use new application

-Formic Acid is harsh to bees, also cumophos, check Mite is cumulative and deadly to bees.

-2 hands outs, Bud’s business card and Apiary Inspection card

-Pesticides deadly to bees: Pencap on corn, Sevin dust, Malathion

-Move old comb to outside and replace 2 new frames per season, to avoid pesticide build-up on comb

-Copper okay to be sprayed on trees as long as it’s not sprayed directly on bees

Business meeting:

Old Business:

Martin County Fair will run February 11-19th.  Volunteers encouraged to sign up to cover all time slots.

SEOBC-Flyers and signs are available and members encouraged to help spread information.

Library:  The new cabinet is up and the library is functional.  Michelle said there is a pocket in each book and video, much like the public library.  It is a self-service honor system.  Write your name in the card and return the following month.

Member Name Tags: Work in progress for monthly meetings.

Association Logo:  No suggestions, tabled to another month.

New Business:

Plaque of Appreciation:  Presented to Brendhan Horne for his hard work to this association which included bringing us into the age of technology, creating a web-site, numerous school presentations, fairs,  hard work as past president, creating Southeast Organic Bee Conference, etc.

Melitto Files Survey- Members encouraged to respond regarding beekeeping restrictions in some locations.

Hive at Pine Jog:  Motion approved to establish and sponsor a hive and materials at Pine Jog Environmental Center.  It will encourage out-reach, and into the hive experiences for both members and the community.

Free Screening-Vanishing of the Bees:  Members are invited to a free screening at Carson Methodist Church, 342 N. Swinton Ave., Delray on February 29  2:00-5:00PM.  Brendhan will put out an e-mail.

Association registering demonstration hives:  Bud Grant suggested the association get it’s own registration number for demonstration hives.  It would be tax exempt.

Vote next month to amend the constitution to  change from a  fiscal year to a calendar year for tax purposes .  Information will be shared and voted.

Future speakers:  March 4-‘ Sleeping your way to better health’. Presentator: Mike Szakacs

                                 April-Small Hive beetles, presentator-Mike Kantor

                                 May-Converting a portion of your yard to Natives-Presentator: Christine Moyer

                                 August 5-Dr. Jamie Ellis from the University of Florida.

Allergic Bee Sting reaction:  Brad shared his harrowing experience of a bad allergic reaction resulting in hospitalization.

Meeting adjourned: 8:12PM


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