February Board Meeting Minutes

Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association

Minutes, 2/11/15


OLD BUSINESS.  The meeting was called to order by President Kevin Easton at 6:30 P.M.  He announced that he paid the Florida franchise tax from his personal account and would like to be reimbursed.  The minutes of last month’s meeting were ready by Secretary Peter Chontos.  Kevin stated that some nonmembers are posted on our website as bee removal providers.  Mark Young recalled that Past President Al Salopek may have mentioned that there may be more liability to the PBCBA if membership is required as a condition to posting.  Kevin will check with Al.  Kevin stated that all PBCBA XL shirts were sold out at the South County Fair and there was some discussion regarding changing the design.  A quorum was called. 

Tom deGroot gave the Treasurer’s Report as follows:

Balance as of January 28, 2015                                    $ x

Current Balance                                                               $ x 

                Also, Kevin stated that not all of the expenses for the South County Fair have been paid yet, but it looks like we may have netted somewhere between $3,000 and $4,000 from that event.

The minutes were approved as read.                                                              

NEW  BUSINESS.  It was stated that raffle gross sales last year were approximately $1,718 and cost was approximately $300 which netted approximately $1,418.  The need for a Raffle Committee was discussed and Carol Courtney, CG and Karin Ross volunteered to serve on that Committee. 

Kevin stated that Ann Harmon will be speaking at our March meeting.  Also, Dr. Ellison will need to be paid a fee for speaking at our meeting on February 6, 2015, but he cannot accept a check personally.  However, a check may be sent to his University of Florida Foundation.  Tom will find out from Al to confirm the payment amount when the reservation was scheduled and how payment has been made to him in the past.  Lee Wisnioski stated that Michael Palmer is fully booked for 2015 already but is available for a January, 2016 event for a fee of $500 plus expenses.  The need for a Speaker Committee was discussed and Lee and Kitty deGroot volunteered to serve on that Committee.

A question was raised about the DVDs that were created at the Florida State Beekeepers Convention.  Greg Knop said that Sierra has 600 DVDs.  Karin Ross said that they were supposed to be made available on pay per view.  Peter will call Sierra to confirm. 

The need for a Constitution Revision Committee was discussed to investigate voting membership, electronic voting, etc.  Peter, Mark, Nancy and Kevin volunteered to serve on that Committee. 

Eric Baxter stated that the Agricultural Exemption Committee spoke to the Palm Beach County Tax Collector’s Office and they have agreed to propose a new classification for exemption that will prevent the hobbyist from claiming an exemption but will be less restrictive than currently required for a commercial beekeeper.  Perhaps a new category of 10 hives per acre will be proposed.  It is unlikely that the new classification will be ready in time for a 2015 exemption, since the deadline for qualifying is February 28, 2015. 

Lee inquired about making a transfer onto his personal computer of the PBCBA website, perhaps to make a continuous loop for next year’s South County Fair.  Mark recommended that the IT Committee draft a User Agreement to be required to authorize the use of photos when anyone submits photos on our website.  Lee agreed to served on the IT Committee. 

CG and Kevin agreed to attend the Mockingbird event at Community Gardens, Lake Worth, FL.  Lee stated that the Science Fair has requested a speaker for September 27, 2105 on the subject of “Where Have All the Bees Gone?”  Discussion of this was postponed until next month. 

 The meeting was adjourned at 8 P.M. by President Kevin Easton.


Respectfully submitted,

Peter Chontos, Secretary

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