Jan 2011 meeting minutes

Minutes for PBC Beekeepers Association,   January    2011 Meeting

Date: January 7, 2011

Time:  7:00-8:28PM 

Attendance: 31 members, 11 guests

 Minutes: Old minutes accepted with no corrections. 1st Michelle, 2nd Sara

Treasurer Report: Money Market $3,989.15, checking $4,540.90


Len, new president, thanked all members for achievements for 2010, and asked for continued support.

Tribute to Brendhan for all of his hard work, especially bringing club into technological age and Janel for her support.

Blizzard on the Beach:  Was held at McArthur Beach State park on Dec. 5th.  Brendhan, Janel, Len, & Chris volunteered.  Event was a success.  Children fed honey straws to our observation hive which attracted many feral bees from the park.  Leni Bane send a thank you for our support of the event.


FSBA:  No new information

Martin County Fair:  Scheduled for Feb. 11, 2011.  There will be a booth fee and we were given a good location.  We are asked to take ryder insurance through the fair which will protect us from liability for a fee of $100.  The presentation area is 10’ X 12’.  We have to supply tables.  Brendhan will coordinate.

Logos:  Members and visitors were encouraged to create a logo for the club and present it at the next meeting.  Len is looking for a 2 member committee for this job.

Storage for club materials:  Deferred for later discussion.  Currently many materials are in Ute’s garage.

S. Florida Fair 2011-  We are assigned to Bldg. 5, Agricultural complex as in the past.  Set-up will be Sat., Jan. 8th from 9AM-12PM.  Members encouraged to  help set up exhibit.  Observation hive details to be worked out at the set-up.  Members will be called for help supplying bees.  This year,  the observation hive will be changed out after 2 days so there is less stress on the bees. Brendhan will keep the single frame observation hive for school presentations.  We will use 2 double frame observation hives.

SEOBC- Will be held February 26-27, 2011 at Pine Jog.  Presenters are mostly confirmed.  More members will be asked to present.  David Webb, an expert, will present a mead making class.  Agenda will include bee beards, bee-lining, grafting, beginning class, cut-outs.  More details will be presented at next meeting.  Fees will remain at $65. for the advanced class, $75. for the beginning class which includes a one year membership to the club.  Extra fees may apply for special items:  solar wax melter materials, protective bee clothing, etc.  Cost of the conference is a little less than last year.  Some adjustments will be made to the budget.

Library Cabinet:  Mounts has given approval for the association to keep a cabinet at the auditorium for materials.  It was priced out at Home Depot, ready made for $180 and the cost approved by members. This is  a ready made container 6’X3”X18”.  Carpenters in the club were contacted and said the ready made is cheaper.  The cabinet should be functional at the next meeting.  Michelle is the club librarian.  Members may check out materials for one month.

Payment for honey bears Members approved payment for 600 honey bears to Mark McCoy, the supplier.  Association to reimburse Brendhan who wrote a personal check.

Name Tags:  Board approved cost of making name tags which will be supplied at each meeting and returned at the end of the meeting.  (Permanent name tags for members and stick-on for guests).

Names will include the city where the person lives to help mentoring.

Voice Mail Meeting Reminders:  A free pilot program was tried this month with 20 members.

Feedback was positive and will be instituted at every meeting.  Nominal cost for this was approved by the board.  Members told to check the sign-in sheet to make sure the correct phone number they wanted for this reminder was listed.

Furniture Bees Wax Polish After much discussion it was agreed that $640. for 144 cans would be reimbursed to Nick.  It will not be sold at the fair.  Where it will be sold and the amount is to be decided.

Cans would be available to members at the next meeting.

Monthly Bee Yard Visits Len questioned members about the desire for monthly visists to a member’s bee yard.  The host would not be responsible to refreshments, etc. but rather this would be an educational experience for both the host and attending members.  A sign-up sheet was provided.

The concept is to build knowledge among each other.

Monthly Guest Speaker:  Another new proposal to members was the concept of having a speaker at the monthly meeting.  It need not be a formal presenter but rather members can also present informally.

Motion for presented and accepted by consensus.

Program:  Plants & Flowers that bees thrives on

Erik presented, with actual cuttings, plants that he finds his bees work.  Others also shared information.

A handout by Malcom Sanford entitiled, Beekeeping:  Florida Bee Botanty was available.

Other plants discussed were Mexican Sunflower-blooms on & off all year, Gallberry-Fl. Native,

Hong Kong orchid-has a lot of nectar & can be purchased without messy beans, Loquat-tropical fruit  tree, bananas for nectar, Jacquemontia, Jack in the Bush, Melochia, Pavonia bush-(hummingbirds),

Milkweed (asclepia-over 260 species).  Bees tend to cap palm honey very slowly.  Sabal palms are especially slow.  Royal Palm is faster.

Outreach:  Meeting reminders will be made through e-mails and phone calls.

Honey Recipes:  Members asked to supply honey recipes for sharing.

501-C3 Non-Profit Brendhan was asked 17 questions by IRS, who went over application in depth and required much detailed information.  A special thanks to Michelle, our accountant, who offered assistance.  Changes will need to be made to our web site and also of how the association conducts business.

FSBA:  On Jan. 11, a conference call will be made to include both Brendhan and Len.  The issue of who has control of zoning for beekeeping back with the Dept. of Agriculture.

Brendhan shared story of commercial beekeeper who lost 36/100 queens in USPS mail and was denied insurance compensation after the post office left the package on the floor where ants invaded.

Free Harvey Queens:  Briefly discussed.  Members had mixed results.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28PM.

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