January 2015 Board Meeting-minutes

Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association
Minutes, 1/14/15

OLD BUSINESS. The first meeting of 2015 with new officers was called to order by President Kevin Easton at 6:33 P.M. A quorum was called. South Florida Fair volunteer letters were distributed. Prices for Fair items were reviewed as follows:
Honey sticks 4 for $1
Honey 3 for $20
(Joined) pair of tapers $8
Votives $3
Furniture polish $10
Soap $5
No lip balm is available this year.

It was stated that approximately $4,000 was raised to the benefit of PBCBA as a net result of the Florida State Beekeepers Annual Convention in October, 2014. Kitty deGroot stated that Treasurer Tom deGroot emailed the Treasurer’s Report to President Kevin Easton and Vice President Sierra Malnove for review, and that he will be meeting with our Accountant soon.

NEW BUSINESS. Kevin proposed potential new ad hoc subcommittees as follows:
Agricultural Exemption Subcomittee. Eric Baxter, Nancy Palilonis, Mark Young, Lee Wisnioski. Eric stated that he has inquired how our neighboring counties provide an agricultural exemption for beekeepers and that he and Nancy have spoken to the Palm Beach County Tax Collector official in charge of agricultural exemptions. This Subcommittee will do further inquiry and will report at our next meeting.
Communications/IT Subcommittee. Absent but possibly interested names proposed were Al, Chuck, Donna, Valerie.
Social Subcommittee. Cherie Spencer, Carol Courtney. The suggestion was made to plan at least two social events or parties, one during the Christmas Holiday season and one during Spring.

Other suggestions arose:
That a letter be drafted to the Florida State Beekeepers of our intention not to pay dues to them unless they obtain IRS 501(c)(3) exempt status.
That Treasurer Tom deGroot send a fax to PayPal confirming that PBCBA is a IRS 501(c)(3) organization and requesting a reduction of fees for future PayPal services and perhaps a refund of some past fees, since we have been tax exempt all along but PayPal had not listed us as such.
That seating in front rows will be reserved for members at our events which nonmembers are invited to attend. Sierra inquired where the laminated ID cards are. Kevin will look in the storage unit.
That we continue our policy of not providing free bee removals and that we post on our website the advantages of retaining a professional bee removal service. Sierra will post.
That we continue our tradition of setting up a PBCBA display at MacArthur State Park on 3/14/15. Sierra volunteered.
The meeting was adjourned at 8 P.M. by President Kevin Easton.

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Chontos, Secretary

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