January 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes


Attendance:  Kevin Easton, Lee Wisnioski, Eric Baxter, Cindy Rush, Phil Macnak, Angie Thul, Gabriela Hassil, Cg, John and Daune Frankenfield, Heinz, Scott Dupes, Corrie Sparks, Luis Davila, Brendhan Horne, Krista Butler, Vitaly Staschanco, Steven Brown, Rudy and Donna Fernandez, Jacob Varkey, Joe Miggins and Victor and Diane Niemi 


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.  A quorum was called.  New board members were introduced by Lee.


Old Business: 

Board meeting minutes were read.  Lee makes a motion to approve minutes and Kevin 2nd motion, minutes were voted and approved.


Alex was not present, treasury report not available.  Alex is looking for Treasurer’s assistant (volunteer - not to be board member).    


Report by Kevin Easton, committee chair for fair – Thanks to John Frankenfeld for building light system for fair booth.  Supply of inventory to be sold is good and there were discussions about the pricing and inventory list to keep track of items sold.  Members encouraged to sign up for shifts at bee booth.


Phil – membership report – Membership fees collected at meeting correct and membership list updated.  

New Business:

Gabriella – speaker coordinator reported on guest speakers for meetings - 

Jennifer Berry available for $500, the month she would speak is not determined yet.  Tammy Potter Horn available in 2019 for $300 plus travel & costs and agreed to be hosted by board member – motion was made and seconded to have her speak at future meeting.  

Kristen Traynor has been contacted and will speak for $500 & travel expenses.  Kevin suggested Kristen be contacted further about scheduling and specifics. 

Dave Mendez agreed to speak at a meeting. Gabriela will schedule. 

Brendhan Horne agreed to speak at March meeting.

The focus of February and March meetings will be on basic beekeeping info for new members.


Angie reported that the webpage has been changed to add a Fla. State Beekeepers tab and also now shows their mission statement.  March 3 Naturescape event also added to webpage.  Brief discussion about who answers questions from Club’s Facebook page – answer is that anyone who is administrator can post answers/comments.   Name of admin. person may show below response.


Krista Butler volunteered to be chairperson for raffle; John Frankenfield volunteered to bring food to board meetings; and Steven Brown volunteered to take over ordering of t-shirts.  


CG made a suggestion that sponsors are needed to help members with their hives and harvest their honey.  Lee suggested that mentors are very helpful contacts to reach out to for assistance.  Lee also suggested going to smaller hive boxes with 8 frame mediums.


Member suggests that there be more focus at meetings on biology of bees.  Discussions followed about individuality of beekeeping methods and experiences.   It was discussed that workshops are very helpful and Kevin offered his beeyard for future workshops.


Pest Control Operations – Krista Butler reported on the Bee Removal Workgroup, by Fla. Dept. Agriculture and Consumer Services, currently scheduled for Feb. 2, 2018 and if legislation passes, it will mean beekeepers can no longer do trapouts and other than a swarm, all removals should be by pest control operators.  Discussions were made that Club should have a voice at meeting to prevent killing of bees at bee removals and media should be contacted and involved with this workgroup as it does not appear to  be publicized event.  


There were also discussion about members collectively traveling to Gainesville to have a voice at Feb.2nd Bee Removal Workgroup and that Kevin would get a tablet/computer and WiFi access at fair so a petition against this that could be signed.  


The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm


Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Rush

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