January 2019 Board Business Meeting Minutes

January 9, 2019 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance: CG, Scott Dupes, Heinz Frick, Byron Walters, Harry Folger, Margaret Smart, John Frankenfield, Frank LoCascio, Alessandra Dias, Lee Wisnioski, Kevin Easton, Carol Courtney Easton, Nancy Palilonis, Glenn Mesteller, Cindy Rush, Delroy Lowe, Ron and Victoria Fortin, Eric Baxter, Anton Hanna, Gabriella Hassil, Glenn Moody

The meeting was called to order at 6:35. A quorum was called.

Board meeting minutes were read. Motion made to approve minutes, seconded and approved.

President’s Report – Lee received a letter from Club member re: possible conflict of interest with his dual positions in both PBC Beekeepers Assoc. and Fla. State Beekeepers Assoc. There were discussions about differences between these two Associations – Board and attendees at meeting determined no conflict exists.

Carol Courtney Easton was welcomed as new Club Treasurer.  

2019 goals – Club should focus for more awareness on environmental damages from pesticides/pollutants and their impact on bees/beekeepers.

Club plans to have more classes/workshops at Pine Jog Apiary.  

April fun meeting moved to Gallery.

Treasurer Report – unreconciled balance is $redacted

Fair Committee - Members encouraged to volunteer at Fair. Major volunteers this year have been Heinz Frick and John Frankenfield (set up/painting bee booth). New checklist will keep better track of items sold.  “Plant a seed, feed a bee” station will be set up.

New volunteer position available - webpage coordinator

Raffle report – most desired items still bee equipment. $756 brought in from Christmas party raffle (-expenses $356 deposited to account)

Gabriela – speaker coordinator –February meeting – Q/A panel – Kevin/Nancy/Gabriella -with visuals of beekeeper “essentials”

March meeting – master beekeeper from UF Bee Lab/maybe also State apiary inspector

April meeting -Keith Deplaplane (w/workshop)

Will try to schedule Emily, Bee Lab student for July/Aug. to discuss bee protein/nutrition  It was discussed and decided that we should not try to coordinate 1 out-of-town speaker with multiple S. Fla. beekeeper organizations

Membership – 4 people renewed last month. Membership updated with info provided.

Apiary report – beetle blasters added to hives in apiary and hives fed twice.

Ag exemption – still waiting on response from letter to County Property Appraiser re: reducing hive/acreage ratio.

New business:  

Anton Hanna would like to be on bee removal page

Picnic plans should be started (possibly April)

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Cindy Rush

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