July 2014 Busisness Meeting Minutes

07/09/14 Meeting called to order at 6:46 PM

Quorm of Board peresent.
Treasurer called in and will attend meeting, but running late.
Review of June meeting minutes, minutes approved as noted.

Educational outreach requirements needed for Science Center  E 4 Life Expo Saturday July 26th from 10AM to 5 PM.   Coverage TBD. 

Lots of discussion on bee conference. Members gave a brief update on their committee tasks and progress.

Kudos to everyone who has gotten involved in the conference.  There are many on the team that really put their hearts and effort into the effort.

Special thanks go to Anthony and Valerie Enlow for helping update the conference web site.  Al and Sierra's planning and layout of the site has been updated to make it even better and more user friendly.  

We are still looking for more sponsors and donations.  Publix,Home Depot, Lowes, Starbucks etc. Let's ask anyone who will help donate to the cause.

Duffy's, Whole foods, etc.  Question to ask them is What can you do for the us to help promote bee education.

Sierra is coordinating the goody bag filling.   Need for more items to fill bag. 

1st 100 people will get hive body boxes, frames and plastic-cell.  Note pads, furniture polish, soap, etc. will be put in bags.  More to come on that.

Committee and sub committe groups to report again next month on progress.







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