July 2011 meeting minutes

Minutes of PBC Beekeepers Association Meeting for July, 2011

Date:  July 1, 2011

Called to order  7:15 PM

15 visitors, 38 members

June Minutes were approved.

Presentation:  Sleeping your way to better health by Mike Szackas.  A 2 page handout was given out.


When you sleep, your liver fuels your brain with glycogen converted from sucrose and glucose.  Honey has equal parts.  The liver can store only 8 hrs. of glycogen before metabolic stress.

Honey is one of the best foods for fueling your liver.  

For better sleep, take a tablespoon of honey at bedtime.

Many illnesses including Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, obesity are linked to poor sleep.

The liver stores 70 grams glycogen and burn 10 grams an hour.  Honey adds to glycogen.

Len contributed that cinnamon tea with honey helps sleep since cinnamon as health qualities.

Resuming meeting:

Treasurer’s Report: Balance $10,438.31

                                    Assoc. sold $238.91 at the Tropical Fruit Festival June 25 at the Mounts  

                                    Tax returns were submitted to the IRS

Basics for Beginners:  June 4th, 12 members attended at Len’s.

                                       July 9th will be the next date at Pine Jog Environmental Center from 9:30-11:30

                                       Available to the first 8 members to sign up at this meeting.

Woodworking Day:   Despite members showing interest, there were NO attendees in June.

August Meeting:  Members to bring snacks with an element of honey.

Honey Judging:   Prior to our honey sampling at the meeting, Brendan Horne, a Welsh honey judge explained elements of honey judging.


June 25, Mounts  Botonical Garden, 10AM-3PM- Our assoc. had a table.  There was a successful


August 27, 10-4, National Gard Armory, Gun Club Road, WPB, Chris Schwartz to coordinate

September 25, 11AM-Noon, Temple Judea, Len and Sara to present

Logo:  4 presentations shown to members and voted on.  1 vote per family membership.

#1- votes 18   Winner- 4 bees, NSEW  around a comb

#2-             7

#3              1

#4              9

August Speaker- Jaime Ellis, PhD, Univ. of Fl.  Basic bee biology and parasites

FSBA:  June 23 vote Highways Bee Act would provide better utilization of 17,000,000 acres  for agricultural purposes

Library:  Michelle reminded members that the library is a huge asset to the association and materials need to be returned.

New Beekeeping Association-  The Treasure Coast Beekeepers will be starting for Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties.  Meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7PM at a classroom

in the Ft. Pierce extension service,  8400 Picos Road, Ft. Pierce.  Kudos to Michelle for starting this.

Africanized Bees:  Donna shared her experience of a removal with Africanized bees.

Meeting adjourned at 8:38 PM


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