June 2014 Busisness Meeting Minutes

6/11/14 Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association Board Meeting

6:35 PM Meeting Called to order President, VP and Secretary present and have required amount for quorum. Treasurer, Nedra, could not make the meeting but reported bank account balance. Balance was noted and approved.

Again we had a major FSBA Conference planning and organizing session. Al has a conference call at 7:00 PM with FSBA so he gave quick update on sponsorship. We are getting sponsors and have 3 “Queen” sponsors (5K each). We will not have to use club money or FSBA money to fund the conference. We have not received any FSBA contribution as yet.

Many members gave updates on their tasks. VP Mark has excel file of 3300 beeks and will be putting out emails etc. Peter is also working on more sponsorship contacts. We have Facebook, Twitter and other social networks covered by Suzan, Tom, and Donna. Chuck is working the attendance; Sierra is on program speakers, volunteers and many other tasks. Rudy is working on coordinating moderators and room monitors. We talked about a floater and covering the tables for sign in.

Talked about ways to get and show appreciation for volunteers; from 25 bucks off conference fee price to a free tee shirt. TBD

Concern about hydration of volunteers and guests was discussed.

Maryann gave us an update on various hats and costs. Tee shirt design is still under review. There is a lot of work to do and we will ask for help at next club meeting which will be 7/11/14 due to the 4th of July falling on 1st Friday of month.

Gregg and Karen gave us a preliminary update on what it would cost to video all speakers. They will get back to us with a quote soon.

Al is going to check and see if we can meet at the Embassy so board members can get a better idea of the layout. He will get back to us on a date.

Logistics team was also discussed; Chuck and Peter will work this task.
Badge identification for speakers, volunteers etc. were discussed. The use of buttons, stickers and other methods of ID were discussed. TBD.

Press releases and promotion were also talked about. Again it’s a work in progress and things appear to be moving smoothly. We hope to get 300 to 500 people to attend. Banquet is limited to 250 people.

We did not vote on any items. Al will order more honey (under $600 worth) no vote needed for purchase. Meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted.

Kevin Easton

Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association 2nd Board Mtg. (Field Trip)

6/19/14 Board met at the Embassy Suites at 6:00 PM We looked at accommodations and have a preliminary layout for the conference. Gregg and Karen gave us the estimate for videotaping. I have it and it is TBD. How do we sell videos best… Package, speaker, etc. Many things TBD on this as some speakers will not want to be videoed for profit.
Sierra will contact each speaker for input.

As Secretary, I just want to say that I am proud and very impressed with our team and wanted this noted. The conference takes time and planning and everyone seems to have really stepped up their game to ensure this is a success.

Helping the bees and bring education and awareness is what our club is about. Thanks to all of you for making this happen.

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM with many members staying for cocktails and appetizers to discuss conference items.

Minutes respectfully submitted.

Kevin Easton

Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association

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