March 2011 meeting Minutes

Minutes of PBC Beekeepers Association Meeting for March 2011
Date: March 4, 2011
Time: 7:05-8:17 PM
26 Members, 1- visitors

Minutes: Old minutes accepted with no corrections, 1st Michelle, 2nd Kevin.

Treasurer Report: Combined balance of $10,912.53 in checking and savings.

Program: Hive Beetles and Beneficial Nematodes, Presented by Donna Tory and
Donna Tory-Master Gardener, horiculturist
- Two types of nematodes, vegetarian and carnivorious. The latter is beneficial.
-Nematodes called by other names, i.e. round worms, hook worm, ring worm, etc.
-Thousands of different species of nematodes exist worldwide, even at the bottom of the oceans.
-Application of beneficial nematodes-They are purchased in a packet containing approx. five million.
-They should be refrigerated until ready to disperse.
- Evening, ( dusk) is the best time to release.
-They can be put in a bucket of water and then watered into ground that was been previously watered.
-After application, ground should again be hosed down again to help them get into the soil.
-One packet will cover 10-20 hives, approximately 2, 00 square feet.
- These beneficial nematodes will also work for ants and termites as well as hive beetles.
-Packets costs $20.00. Donna can supply or you can find a supplier on-line.
Mike Kantor-Beekeeper who did extensive research into beneficial nematodes.
-The type used for beetles do NOT use humans as a host.
-A solid bottom board should be frequently cleaned to avoid build-up at the bottom. Hive beetles can pupated in "junk" on the bottom board.
-Hive beetles feed on honey, pollen and brood.
-Check entire hive (all boxes), just because one box looks good, doesn't mean all is well.
-Control the size of the hive. Bees can only manage a certain amount of space based on their numbers.
-After using nematodes, Mike experienced "0" beetles in 100 hives.

Business meeting:
Old Business:

Martin County Fair: The association made a profit of $307.65.

SEOBC -(Southeast Organic Bee Conference) Event was a success and association broke even on expenses vs income.

Library- Members who wish to use it are on an honor system. Pull card, print name clearly and leave card in the box. Check-out is for one month. Two new books from the recommended reading list for the Master Beekeeper program have been added. Mike Kantor volunteered to convert VHS tapes to DVD's. There is a listing of library materials in the Asset List on the association Yahoo Group.

Name Tags- Association working toward reusable name tags for members and stick-ons for visitors.

Logo- Still on-going, Eric submitted idea "Will work for Bees". To encourage more ideas, the winning logo will receive a "Free" T-Shirt donated by the association as well as a "Free" 10 frame hive donated by Al Salopec.

New Business:
Changing constitution fiscal year: Proposal made by Len Khan to change the fiscal year for the association to January-December to correlate with IRS year. Members to vote in April. Membership year would remain the same.

501c(3)- The IRS has approved the association. We are now eligible to write grants. Brendhan Horne was recognized for his hard work on this major accomplishment.

Establish and maintain hive at Pine Jog Environmental Center: The association will establish and promote hands-on programs of short lessons, working with an actual hive. As per Bud Grant (state apiary inspector) free registration of this hive is to be arranged.

Outreach Programs:

April 16, 2011-Naturescaping at McArthur Beach State Park 10AM-3PM-To be arranged.

April 23-Earth Day at Daggerwing South County Regional Park in Boca Raton. Theme beneficial insects. Asssociation to present on honeybees 10AM-3PM-To be arranged.

May 13-Grassy Waters Elementary Career Day-Brendhan Horne will be the liason.

Lincoln Cullinary Institute- Just west of I-95 and 45th St., WPB. Under new management-Brendhan looking for members to make in-roads with the new management to continue honey presentations to students.

Upcoming association meeting presentations:
April-Sam Comfort -Top bar hives and more
May-Christine Moyer-Martin-Planting a prairie in your backyard
June-Brian Lundblad-Queen rearing and more
July-Mike Szakacs-Sleeping you way to better health through honey
August-(Tentative) Jaime Ellis, PhD, Assistant Professor of Entomology at the University of Florida-Small hive beetles and other parasites in the bee hive

Master Beekeeping Program and Bee College: Master beekeeping March 10. Bee College March 11-12 offered through the University of Florida at Marineland, Florida. More details and registration can be found on-line.

A day in a beeyard- Brendhan to set up a tentative day in April for members to inspect the hives at his beeyard and gain hands-on experience and knowledge.

Brushy Mountain Education- Registration is on line at Next program is
March 9 at 7:00PM

Bee Understanding- Al Salopek explained his non-profit organization. Members voted to support his raffle of tickets at $5. Each. The winner will receive bees, 2 deep boxes, super, fancy lid, jacket with hood, gloves, smoker, hive tool and mentoring if needed. He will split proceeds of tickets purchased through association with PB beekeepers association.

Meeting adjourned at 8:17PM

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