March 2017 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Palm Beach County Business Meeting Minutes March 08, 2017

Attendance: Cg, Alex Perdomo, Royal York, Lee Wisnioski, Angie Thul, Peter Chontos, Donna Ferenandez, Rudy Ferenandez, Eric Baxter.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. A quorum was called.

Old Business: Last month’s minutes were read and tabled by the board members. Comments from the room, they didn’t like that it was too detailed.

Treasury report unreconciled balance of redacted. Alex created a proposed budget for 2017 with over $15,000 for expenses. He used the last 3 years as a guide, in which last year we took in less than was spent. He is basing it on 150 paid members.

New Business:  Lee motioned discussion the budget after get speaker coordinator information.

Lee opened the floor for discussion.

There is an estimated amount of $ 5000.00 for guest speakers for this year.

Lack of communication again happened in regard to speaker coordinator.

Lee said that he will do the communication between the speaker coordinator and the board.

Continual discussion if there will be a committee for speaker coordinator.

Lee tables the proposed budget.

Donna will supply the estimates on the guest speaker.

$9000.00 guest speaker budget is gone it was for 2016.

Eric apiary reported that they are doing well and they treated them with oxalic acid.

Copyright has not gone any further.

Tee- shirts there are a couple of options to look at.

Lee discussed volunteers maybe consider a volunteer tee-shirt and recognition for them at the fun meeting.

Lee talked about the raffle. With Donna expressing that she haven’t received any budget to purchase equipment. She sees items when she is out she purchases them and gives Alex the receipt.

Lee expressed a budget for the raffle of with Donna to determine a budget amount. Alex is to determine what is made from the raffle. Possible a raffle budget of $200.00 per month.

Lee mentioned about the web committee how simple the rules were. Committee said that they want it that way.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 p.m. by Vice President Lee Wisnioski.

Respectfully Submitted, Angie Thul

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