March 2018 Board Business Minutes

March 14, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes 

Attendance: Kevin Easton, Lee Wisnioski, Eric Baxter, Alex Perdomo, Nancy Palilonis, Cindy Rush, Wes and Kathy Baker, CG, Tim Small, Angela Yow, Heinz Frick, John Frankenfield, Scott Dupes, Frank LoCascro, and Steven Brown

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 pm. A quorum was called. Board meeting minutes were read and voted and approved.

Pledge of Allegiance

President’s report – February meeting was terrific, well over 100 in attendance. Working on trademark, close to having logo trademarked in near future.   Suggested another beekeeper workshop be scheduled in near future. Brendhan Horne is speaker for April.

Treasurer’s Report -Unreconciled balance as of 2/28/18 is redacted.   2017 yearly report ready to go to audit committee. New budget being made for 2018.

Committee reports:

Kevin - fair and education and outreach -A square of bee lab was purchased for $350.00

- honey purchases on back order;

-free literature obtained from;

-next event is Rare Fruit Council plant sale - March 24

-NatureScape event at McArthur great success, over $500 in sales;

-big hive raffle from February meeting was over $200

New business:

Eric Baxter will host next beekeeper workshop on April 7.  

Membership report by Nancy – 5 current members renewed, 1 of which became lifetime member.

Floor opened up for suggestions for additional guest speakers. Keith Counsell was suggested.

Kevin and Lee are currently taking care of the website.  

Nancy will take care of posting the banners onto paid members.

Raffle report by CG – will take any donations that are bee-oriented.

Discussions about most requested items on raffle table. Smokers, swarm traps, veils, etc. were most wanted items.  The slum gum cooler was a huge hit.

It was decided that a bee supply item with a value of approximately $25 will be a door prize at future monthly business meetings.

Open discussion about design and sizes for purchases of new t-shirts, whether there should be a “members only” t-shirt different from those sold to general public. “Give bees a chance” or similar bee-themed t-shirts w/out Club logo and baseball caps with logo might also be a good possibility for sales items.   Steve Brown will present different options at future meeting.

Report on Pine Jog apiary – top bar hives have died off.   Wood ware in apiary will be cleaned up and apiary assistants will build new benches built to support hive boxes and storage box will be repaired.

Eric attended the pest control operator meeting in Apopka recently.   Bee removal was tabled on the agenda again.   Beekeepers are not being informed of dates and times of meetings. At the meeting, Eric asked if there is a protocol for pest control operators to remove bees. No answer could be given and at that point the meeting was closed.   Next meeting for PCO is March 26 in Gainesville area.  

It was recommended that the Club should send a letter saying we support not killing bees and continue sending these letters. Get other beekeeper organizations involved too.

There is a new association coming up for licensed bee removal specialists.  

Annual picnic is usually in May and will be discussed at upcoming meeting.

There was a request to give recognition to Greg, Club videographer and a suggestion for possible

monthly newsletter to keep members updated, separate from website.

Open discussion about the need to determine the parameters of video to be prepared for fair next year to educate visitors and the need to start work on this project soon.   Teaching material and videos of workshops would be good items for videos.  

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm

Respectfully submitted,  Cindy Rush


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