May 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes 

Attendance: Kevin Easton, Lee Wisnioski, Eric Baxter, Cindy Rush, Phil Macnak, Cory Julius, Johanna Julius, Angela Yow, Steven Brown, Gabriela Hassil, Jim Gallagher and John Frankenfield

The meeting was called to order at 6:40 p.m. A quorum was called.

Board meeting minutes were read. Lee made motion to approve minutes and Kevin seconded motion, minutes voted and approved.

President’s Report – response received from Commissioner Adam Putnam’s office on Club letter to him re: protecting honeybees. Club volunteers commended for their service.

Treasurer’s Report – unavailable

Membership Report – May Fun meeting - 10-12 new members – 1 new lifetime member – Tom Slagle.

It was brought to Club’s attention that PayPal link on website not working properly.

Raffle report – took in over $400 from May Fun meeting. Beekeeping supplies most popular items

T-shirts – open discussion about items to be purchased. Steven Brown will bring to next board meeting proposals for purchase of Dri-Fit long sleeve shirts and hats for board consideration. Question raised whether there could be request page on website for members to request specific type t-shirts.

Eric made motion to fulfill inventory of old style logo shirts. Motion denied.

Kevin made motion to allocate $800 to t-shirt committee chair to work with and buy t-shirts. Motion seconded. Vote carried.

Outreach and Education – Kevin recommended that notifications for volunteer events be posted on both website and Facebook.

Speaker for June will be Kim Flottum. Workshop with Flottum scheduled at Kevin’s house on Saturday, June 2.

Eric makes a motion to charge non-members $10 for workshop and $5 for members to attend workshops. Discussion followed. Motion withdrawn.   Motion then put back on table. No second – motion died.

Eric then made motion that Club charge non-members $10 to attend workshops. Kevin seconded. Vote carried.  

Discussions about picnic scheduled for May 20 – volunteers needed – discussions about organization of budget and food items. There will be honey tasting contest with ribbons to top 3 winners.   Door prize of top bar hive - one ticket per member.

Discussions about new state rules for selling bees and the need for special certificate from state. Members can make splits from hives and sell NUC without needing certificate.  

Designations of beekeepers discussed – backyards beekeeper – up to 40 hives; Sideliner - 41-100 hives; Commercial - over 100 hives

 John Frankenfield suggested that plans be made soon to work on better display setup for next year’s fair (setting up educational tv/videos). Meeting adjourned at 8:43.

Respectfully submitted, Cindy Rush

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