Nov 2011 Meeting Minutes

Board Minutes of PBC Beekeepers

November 4, 2011

Called to order:  5:25 PM

Present:  Len Khan, Jim Chapman, Sara White, Christine Schwartz

Corrections: Progress on use of logo design.

Omission:  Shirts and membership tags are in progress.  New Honey labels, a work in progress,  to be created.

Audit:  2 members, Les Vrabel and Karin Ross will complete the internal audit by January.  Karin submitted an independent auditor’s report to the board suggesting a software system for accounting.

Copies of the treasurer’s annual financial report was received and given to the auditors.  Their report is to be presented to membership at the December meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Total funds of $9,285.29

Yahoo Groups:  There are no new members.  The board discussed members complaining of not being able to sign on.  Members wishing to join the group must first apply on Yahoo.  The board also discussed providing members with directions on how to join the Yahoo Group.  Sara agreed to print directions in 2 steps:  1.  Accepting the invitation, and 2.  Joining Yahoo Groups.

Basic Training:  This class is continuing at Pine Jog.  November 12th will be the last class for this year.

Approved Amendment to the constitution article 5 Dues.  Item 2 to read:  “The membership year shall be from January 1st to December 31st of each year.  New members joining after June will be provided with their membership continuing into the next year.  The annual dues shall be payable at the January meeting of each year.  A member becomes delinquent if dues are not paid by the February meeting.”

The treasurer will implement and follow this up.

Approved Amendment to By-Laws, Article 5, Section 2, Item 3:  “also make an annual statement of monies collected during the prior calendar year (January 1st to December 31st) and present it at the meeting in January.  The treasurer will implement and follow this up.

Approved Amendment to Article 7:  Duties of the Officers.  Item 6 to be added:  The president shall appoint all standing committee chairpersons except the nominating committee.  Such chairpersons are not members of the board.

A welcome volunteer will be sought for monthly meetings.

Logo design for tee shirts and name tags- In progress

New honey labels:  New labels will be created for the South Florida fair.  Mark McCoy’s labels with specifications to be placed on the back of container, with our modified label on the front of the container.  The association is not liable to the cottage industry since the honey is produced commercially.  There was discussion about creating a label for the association.  Sara will check if Kevin will create a design and the labels will be commercially produced with a reference to the association web site.

T-Shirts- T. Macklin of Port St. Lucie designed the shirt logo, K. Marcum “massaged” the design and prepared the design for printing.  Both are to receive a free T-shirt for their work.  The T-shirts are now finished and were made and printed in the USA as requested.  Shirts will be sold for $10 and will be available for sale at the member’s meeting.

Name Tags:  In progress.  Research records will be checked for a company previously discussed.

Palm Beach Beekeepers Conference:  An ad was posted in October in the FSBA publication for the conference in Orlando on Oct. 27-29.  An ad will also be in the FSBA newsletter, the Florida Beekeeper.

A correction will be made in the ad before January printing in the FSBA.

A tri-fold brochure is to be available for the S. Fl. Fair and 1,000 copies are to be printed.

Budget:  A proposed budget of $7,075.00 was presented and approved by the board.  This will be presented to members as well.

A goody bag will be given to all participants of the conference including the book, First lessons in Beekeeping by Keith Delaplane for beginners and Essentials of Beekeeping, by Dr. Larry Connor for advanced participants.

Outreach:   November 5- Wyland Living Green.  Jim is coordinating with at least 5 people.

                      November 18-PBC Health & Nutrition at Poinciana Elem. In Boynton Beach, Brendhan to coordinate.

                      November 11-Learn Green Conference at Dreyfoos High School, Len and Jim to coordinate

                       March 8, 15, or 22nd-A request from the WPB library for a one hour talk on bees at 6PM.                The contact is Ms. Alice Bojanowki at 561-234-6008.  To be followed up.

                     April 14-McArthur Beach Naturescape.  Their date was changed and now conflicts with our conference.  Volunteers will be sought to keep a booth if possible.

Speaker:  November-Mark McCoy will speak about commercial beekeeping, sharing information and answering questions.

S FL Fair:  Volunteers are still needed to fill many gaps.  The Google print out with names of volunteers for fair coordination expected in early December for obtaining passes, etc.  Set up of beekeepers booth will be on Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 10 AM.  Volunteers will be needed with tools, etc.

                   Jim will create a secure box for cash.  Coordination will be made of supplies to the fair grounds.

Nominations for 2012 year:  Nominations were received for positions on the board of director’s for the 2012 year and will be voted at the November meeting by “Robert’s Rules.  There was only one person nominated for each position and a secretary is yet to be nominated.  Two  persons in addition to the current secretary are to record the voting results by counting hands.

Minutes being mailed for members without computer access: Tabled for  further discussion.

December Pot Luck Holiday party:  Les will coordinate.

Meeting adjourned at 6:53 PM.

Minutes of PBC Beekeepers

Date:  November 4, 2011

Called to order: 7:07 PM

12 Visitors, 26 members (Not all signed in) 

Guest Speaker:  Mark McCoy

Mark has supplied the association with both honey and bees for the S FL Fair for years.

He was born into a commercial apiary.  He has been keeping bees  with his father since 1943.

He started a few hives of his own in 1980 and his business grew from there.

His calendar through the year:

January- Move hives to pollinate cucumber, watermelon, squash.  Since 2008, he has been moving bees of California.  He gets his supers off in January, makes sure hives are queenright and gets ready for California.

February- Gets bees to orange groves and puts supers on.

March- Bees are off to orange groves.  Start grafting for queens usually around Valentine’s Day, if not too cold.  He likes to mix the gene pool to bet better bees.

March-Making splits to get the numbers back up.

April-  Later part of April and into May, Palmetto honey.  Need to move bees from orange groves and extract honey.

From February to June-While making honey, also making splits from stronger hives.

Takes some bees to the Keys for Black Mangrove honey.  Aerial spraying for mosquitos is very bad on bees.

June- A quiet month.  Grafts queens.

July-Putting equipment together and takes a break.

August- Make more splits for  Brazilian pepper honey

September-Bees moved for pepper honey, supered.  This year, the pepper crop was disappointing.  Most foundation is drawn on the pepper crop.

October-Grafting again, making nucs.

First week is December, finish extracting and clean-ups.  Getting ready for California.  No ants are allowed in the bee yards.  There is a 5 ant limit at which point trucks are turned back out of the state.

Currently, Mark has about 4,600 hives.  His goal is 5,000.

Pest Management-

Fire ants-Amdro-Spray Astro- Usually treat in June, then again in September.

Tip for finding queen- Look on an open frame, not with closed brood.  Take it easy with the smoker.  The queen will run to the side wall or bottom.

Containers:  He gets his glass containers out of Pennsylvania.  Always have 1lb, 2lb and honey bears.  Also keep 5 lb jars on hand.  If interested in purchasing containers, contact Mark McCoy.

Resume meeting:

Treasurer’s Report-Total funds $9,285.29

Beginner Basics- Next class at Pine Jog will have next Saturday, Nov. 12th.  This includes a classroom presentation and a look at the observation hive.  A sign-up sheet is in the back of the room, if interested.


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