November 2017 Board Business Meeting Minutes

November 8th, 2017 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Angie Thul, , Charlie Tesoriere , Kevin Easton, Heinz Frick, Scott Dupes, Cindy Rush, Phil Macnak, Eric Baxter, Lee Wisnioski, Alex Perdomo, Roger Corbin, Krista Butler and Gabriela Hassil.

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. A quorum was called.

Old Business: Board meeting minutes were read.  Kevin makes a motion with Lee 2nd and the minutes were voted and approved.

Alex’s Treasury report – the first half of the year finances was sent to the audit committee with no response yet and the unreconciled balance or redacted as of October 31st.

Constitution and Bylaws has passed and new board members were elected.

New Business:  Alex mentioned that he is looking for an assistant.

Lee discussed changing from .com to .org need to purchase the website from Tucows.

Lee has an old letter stating that the state wants bees and is allowing leasing land.

More talk about a new location possible the old license building, Okeeheelee Park, Palm Beach Water.

Association rented a new storage unit for $45.00 a month in northern Palm Beach County, will eventually get rid of the other unit.

Kevin is finalizing the fair scheduling.

Angie brought to the board 2 quest speaker suggestions Kim Flottum and Phil Craft with pricing, lodging, also with speaking topics that were given by the speakers

The board approved Kim Flottum for the June meeting with Kevin makes a motion and Lee 2nd. Lee makes a motion and Kevin 2nd, to ask Phil Craft for better pricing. Also, suggested to reach out to Michael Bush. Angie volunteered to give it a try.

Discussion about keeping February open for Q/A because of the newbees interests from the fair.

Angie suggested workshops in February, with Scott wanting a workshop on a Sunday.

Krista suggested for Brendhan to speak at the March meeting.

Krista brought up the Environmental Advisory council meeting about the subject of bee removal s done in a structure. They are trying to pursue for it to only be done by pest control individuals. There is another meeting coming up in central Florida in January.

Charlie asked about having a library to check out books. Eric mentioned that there was one at the time and no one was returning the materials.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:59 p.m. by President Kevin Easton.

Respectfully Submitted, Angie Thul

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