November 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance: CG, Angie Thul, Heinz Frick, Carol Easton, Kevin Easton, Angela Yow, Eric Baxter, Lee Wisnioski, Cindy Rush, Glenn Mesteller, John Frankenfield, Roger Corbin, Deanna Rebelo, Phil MacNak, Nancy Palilonis, Tim Small, Holly Shaw Glenn Moody

The meeting was called to order at 6:35. A quorum was called.

Board meeting minutes were read. Motion made to approve minutes, seconded and approved.

Presentation by Pine Jog Fellowship Program requesting a donation to repay their expenditures for pollinator garden planted at Everglades Elementary. Kevin made motion to donation $600 to group for garden, Eric seconded motion, motion carries.

President’s Report – Holiday party will be Dec. 7 at Eric Baxter’s house. 10 frame deep hive to be raffled at party.

Reminder to sign up on volunteer tab on website for S. Fla Fair Jan.18-Feb.3.

Ag exemption letter has been received by Keith Alexander – decision to be made soon.   Glenn Mesteller has agreed to be apiary manager.

FSBA needs support to help feed bees and other pollinators in N Florida area after Hurricane Michael.

Treasurer Report – 10/31 balance was $redacted; Oct. net income $redacted;

year end net income $redacted

Committee reports – Kevin reported on good turnout for Green Cay event – Club product sales - $251. Thanks to Jim/Maryann Gallagher, CG, Carol Easton, Scott Dupes. S.Fla. Fair – further discussion about video screen location and soil/seeds giveaway

Raffle Report – Queen drew most tickets for raffle – bee supplies always most popular items - SFBeekeepers generously donated 10 frame hive, 8 frame deep and full NUC.

New business:   Lee makes motion to support FSBA’s Hurricane Michael relief by donating $1,000 for sugar syrup to feed pollinators in N. Florida. Kevin seconded motion. Motion carries.

Discussions about FSBA and importance of our Club members also becoming members of and supporting FSBA.

Lee makes a motion that Club purchase two hives ($400 donation) to support Africa’s Elephants & Bees project – Phil seconded motion. Motion carries.

Nancy suggests that new members be asked to sign up through Paypal and also create their own page on Club website. Renewing members can continue to sign up at meetings. Discussions about best way to identify members.

Heinz asked to assist with vector and logo.

Ron Rice - Mounts Bldg. would like to create bee extension program for beekeepers.   Kevin will work with Mounts Bldg. to help set this up.

Board turnover procedure is needed. General liability policy & board liability, bank accounts, etc.

Election results for officers for 2019:

President – Lee Wisnioski

Vice President – Eric Baxter

Second Vice President – Phil Macnak

Treasurer – Carol Easton

Secretary – Cindy Rush

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Respectfully Submitted, Cindy Rush

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