February Meeting Minutes

Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association Regular Meeting Minutes

February 2013, 7:10 p.m.

President:  Al Salopek

Vice President: Al Vazquez

Secretary: Alexandra V. Kaufman

Treasurer:  Nedra Obradovich (absent)

January meeting minutes have not been approved because they have not been posted on the website.  (Al Salopek will meet with Jim Chapman in order to learn how to post the Minutes, Agenda, etc., on the Website).

Treasure's report:  (Amount available at monthly meeting).

Our funds continue to grow when comparing to our January balance of approximately $8,200.00.

Old Business:

Membership Dues:  Sara will be registering new members and accepting renewals.  $20.00;  $15 of this will go to the State of Florida Beekeepers Association, the remainder $5 will be for the PBCBA.

Al Salopek would like to mention his gratitude to Sharon Lemon and Chris Schwartz for supplying the South Florida Fair, Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association booth, with Lip Balm.  Reimbursements will be provided. 

New Business:

South Florida Fair:  Booth set-up.  Sold out of 600 - 12oz. bears.  Now, we are selling 1 lb. wild flower at $6.00, you can buy 2 for $10.00.  Ordered 70 of these.  On Feb. 2, Mark Mccoy will supply us with additional orders.  The South Florida Fair has created sales of about $4,000. at this point.

Volunteers:  Lots of empty spaces that filled at the last minute.

Palm Beach Beekeepers Conference:  Will be held at Pine Jog  Environmental Education Center on April 13, 2013.

Jim Chapman has distributed duties accordingly.  We will be taking names for volunteering, no need to be a beekeeper.

Moving:  Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association will be moving to Pine jog.  Our next meeting will be at Pine Jog Environmental Education Center on March 1, 2013.  February 1, 2013 will be our last meeting at Mounts Botanical Garden.

The club will have: 

Supplies*; the basics in order to have them for new members.

Queens; will also have access to these.  Will be ordering 1,2, or 3 according to orders.  Our suppliers at this time will be Menendez, D & J Apiary, Bob Harvey, and Marc Mccoy.  The price per queen will be approximately $20.00.

Observation Bee Hive:  This has been donated by Bee Understanding, a non-profit bee educational program.  This will be mounted on a window frame so that it will swing.  This is a six frame bee hive, queens will lay eggs on both sides of the frames.  

Observation bee hive will be mounted most probably first week of February, that is, the 4th, 5th, or the 6th of february.

Looking for a Volunteer or a couple of Volunteers to be in charge of the observation bee hive.  Looking for a TEAM. 

Next Project:  Planting a Garden with Native Plants mainly; Wild flowers, ex:  Indian daisy.

*Donating to Pine Jog by Bee Understanding:




Purpose:  to start working with kids.

Beginners:  5:30 - 6:30 p.m.  How to set up a bee hive, Equipment.  Other topics of interest:  Cut-outs, Swarms, How to start a Bee Hive.

PBCBA Meeting:  7:00 p.m.

At Pine Jog we need bee hives.  Bee Understanding is donating 26 deep boxes and 200 frames.  We are in need of volunteers to assemble and personalize these by painting them with Latex.  (Reminder:  these must be painted outside only).  There is an entire month to work with this project.  These deep boxes must be back on March 1, 2013.  The frames, likewise, need to be assembled by using glue and nails.  These must also be back within a month.  (Deep boxes were chosen instead of mediums, to perform SPLITS).

Website and Facebook:

In charge Al Vazquez:  Front page or several pages, member section (password to sign in), can be utilized to pay membership and pay for conference.  Debating the issue of Bee Removal Advertising at this time.  The club is a 501-C3, an  Educa-tional Organization, that carries an insurance and works based on grants.

The website would link to: Facebook, Twitter, Tumpler, etc.  You tube, could be used to post videos, instructions, and "how to" videos.

Domain name: now; Beekeeperspbc.com

Looking for: PalmBeachBeekeepers.org

Outreach Requests:

March 27th, 2013, 10:00 am - 11:00 am, Royal Poinciana Garden Club.  Volunteer:  Eric Baxter.

Guest Speakers:  Mario and Shelly, from D & J Apiary and Mann Lake distributor, have driven from Umatilla, a four hour drive, with a full truck of supplies.  Mario gave a brief informational 20 min. lecture about:

The State Beekeepers Conference held in Tampa and the National Bee-keepers Conference held in Hershey, PA, (a four day seminar).  Annual dues are $50.00 for the National Beekeepers Conference with a quarterly newsletter.  The more members we have, the more votes we can submit to Congress.

 APIVAR strip which have been used in Europe for last 5 years and last 6 months in Canada have been approved by Congress through the National Beekeepers Association.  These strips are used to combat the Varroa mites invasions which transmit viruses.  The APIVAR package costs $35.00, it contains 10 strips.....$3.50/strip.  Leave for 42 days (2 full brood cycles).  Use twice a year.....in summer and APIGAR in winter.

Honey REFRACTOMETER:  to measure the moisture content of honey.  Only a drop of honey is necessary to quickly measure the moisture content. These can exist in Optical and or Digital form.  Its price approximately $339.00. for a digital refractometer.  (Honey moisture should read 18.0, 18.5, 19.0....if it is higher.....honey is in a fermenting stage.  Palm Honey is naturally wet, produced during July throughout August).  The digital Refractometer does not need to be calibrated......made by MISCO, ATAGO, etc.  

Mario and Shelly will be back in May.

Al Salopek, Thanks past Presidents of Palm Beach County Beekeepers Association, extends them warm gratitude, and gifted them with a pair of beekeeping gloves:

Jim Chapman, 2012

Leonard Khan, 2011 (not present)

Brendhan Horne, 2010

Al mentions -  "these are members with a tremendous amount of knowledge and could answer any beginners, intermediate, or advance questions."

Member of the month:  Kevin;  received a pair of beekeeping gloves.

Brendhan Horne:  Informing members of Bee Removal

January 17, 2013;  in Gainsville...Michael Page......Discussion:  Bee Removal

Beekeeper that has a business, is certified and advertises vs PCO, Pesticide Control Operator.

If performing Bee Removals, stay in touch with Michael Page.

Eric Baxter - has developed a stencil plate, with your ID registration No.  (This number is obtained when you register your bee hives with the state).  He can make this plate for you for only $17.00-$20.00.  

The cost to register with the State of Florida Agriculture Department, Division of Apiary, is $10.00, the telphone no. (352)372-3505.

Pine Jog Beginners:

March Meeting will need jacket and veil, gloves, smoker, and bee hive tool, for approximately a value of $150.00.

Prizes for Raffle:  bucket of sugar, bottle of honey comb, PBCBA t-shirt, 1 lb of Wild flowers' seed, 1 deep box, jacket with veil, gloves, bee hive tool.  All of these was donated by Bee Understanding.

Close of meeting:  

Introduction of new members and guests.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:  Alexandra V. Kaufman


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