September 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

Palm Beach County Beekeeper’s Association

Minutes, September 14, 2016


In attendance Kevin Easton, Lee Wisnioski, Alex Perdomo, Cheri Wells, Eric Baxter, Sierra Malnove, Donna & Rudy Fernandez, CG, Al Salopek, Nancy Palilonis, Royal York, Jeffrey Wright, Peter Chontos, Joanne Tarala,

Angie Thul, Mark Young, Harry Folger, Margaret Smart-Folger, Deanna Rebelo, Angela Yow, Karen Jerinsky, Kayla Jerinsky, Guest-Yos Ziegler

 President Kevin Easton called the meeting to order at 6:32 P.M., a quorum was called. 

 The minutes of the prior meeting were read and approved.

 Treasurer Alex Perdomo reported an un-reconciled balance as of August 30, 2016 in the amount of $ (Redacted). (hard copy of financials attached)         


Old Business

 Kevin Easton reported, he is still waiting for approval of the extra space at the fair.


Sierra Malnove spoke for the web page committee. Their recommendation is to keep it simple, with four codes of conduct, 1- PBCBA Members “only” can post, 2 - Members can only post their own original stuff if not original post a link, 3 - Be respectful and kind to others, 4 - It has to be about bees

Lee Wisnioski is still working on paypal billing every one for membership dues on December 31. 

Members had several suggestions as to how to accomplish it


New Business

 Alex Perdomo motioned to donate $3000.00 to the bee lab, the motion passed.

 Lee Wisnioski is encouraging PBCBA members to independently join Florida State Beekeepers Ass., FSBA got a law passed for private individuals to keep bees without interference from municipalities, they lobbied for beekeepers to sale there honey & set a standard for honey quality.

 Al Salopek pointed out that FSBA is now acting predominantly as a Lobbyist for beekeepers.

 The cost of our website is doubling.

 Board elections coming up in November, please nominate your officers!


Eric Baxter suggested PBCBA have a conference in 2017. Al Salopek suggested the 2016 Board vote on it to establish the conference for 2017

 Lee Wisnioski is trying to get a new central location for an alternative teaching apiary, so far unsuccessful. A suggestion was made to get our own property 


Pest control Companies are going to start enforcing the law, that beekeepers can not do bee removal

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:00PM by President Kevin Easton.


Respectfully submitted,

Cheri Wells

Cheri Wells, Secretary

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