September 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2018 Board Business Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Lee Wisnioski, Angie Thul, Carol Easton, Heinz Frick, Harry Folger, Margaret Smart, John Frankenfield, Deanna Rebelo, Kevin Easton, Eric Baxter, Alex Perdomo, Phil Macnak, Steven Brown, Terry Charles, Shaun Gray, Scott Gray, Gabriela Hassil, Charles Bell, Dave Fisher, Daniel Turner and Roger Corbin

The meeting was called to order at 6:30. A quorum was called.

Board meeting minutes were read. Motion made to approve minutes, seconded and approved.

President’s Report – Over 100 people attended September fun meeting. Authorization of vetting online members resolved. Club members encouraged to support State beekeeper association.  Top bar hive has been returned to apiary. AG exemption committee needs to meet in near future to write proposal for presentation to property appraiser’s office. Club logo licensing final and now official trademark!

Treasurer’s Report –July accounting completed. August unreconciled balance is $redacted. FSBA asked Club to reconcile its accounting for our Club contributions.

Fair Committee Report – large banner needed for fair booth. 3-5 minute videos needed to show on monitor over booth. Kevin suggests working with Mounts Bldg. on concept to “plant a weed/feed a bee” in AG Center exhibit.   Discussions about using “Genius” for scheduling volunteers at fair.  

Outreach opportunities – Rare Fruit Council – 10/6; Green Cay – 11/10

Angie to send e-mail blast about volunteerism.

Speaker report – Michael Bush scheduled speaker at Oct. meeting with workshop to follow on Saturday. Workshop participants can make observation hive if they have pre-paid for Club-made kit.   Cindy and Gabriela to follow Bush’s instructions to assemble observation hive and establish difficulty of project and cost.   E-mail blast should be sent telling participants they need to sign up/pre-order.

Discussions about scheduling for programs/speakers for next year –

Dave Mendez – November 2018 –topic - commercial beekeeping  

Keith Delaplane, - April speaker – $700 including workshop.  

T-shirt report –$180 collected from recent sales –

Club will continue including t-shirt at fun meeting raffle.

Apiary report –Daniel Turner may take position as Pine Jog apiary manager.

New Business: new Club Treasurer needed next year.

                         Dec. potluck dinner will be at Eric Baxter’s house.

Discussions about taking debit/credit for raffle and other purchase items at monthly meeting. Alex made motion that Club use credit/debit cards for raffle and t-shirt purchases. Kevin seconded motion. Motion carries.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm. 

Respectfully submitted, Cindy Rush


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