Getting Started with a first hive or two

This is a shot at trying out this new website and its Blog Feature.  I guess I might be starting a blog topic or it might just go nowhere. 

Does anyone have anything to share about their first hive or is anyone interested in getting their first hives started?

To start  a Possible Blog topic off.  I got my first Hive in May of 2012. Paid $350 for a deep and a medium delivered and setup by a guy from Homestead.  I knew nothing but was willing to start and learn. I fed my bees for a few months, cracked the lid a few times and marveled at it.  In June I Ieft for a trip up north and the hive was un attended for 6 weeks. I returned mid July and cracked it open and it didn't look to good; wax moth and Small Hive Beetles (SHB) everywhere.  I learned that it must have swarmed from being over loaded and the remaining bees were not strong enough to protect the hive.  I cleaned up the hive ordered a queen via a Google search website.  It came from Iowa.  I drove to Homestead to get a Nuc with 3 frames of bees from the guy who sold me the hive and felt bad for me.  I added a few frames from the existing hive and added the queen.  I have watched this hive much closer.  YouTube'd tons of knowledge about Bees and now that hive is gang busters.  3 deeps and two mediums tall.    More of my story is on .  I have an entrepreneurial passion so I am off into the commercial bee world.  I hope to offer local beekeepers and beekeepers-to-be help, support, and local solution for supplies, nucs, and hives and networking with others.  I might be a $20 bill more than other sources but I am here with success so far.  I hope to keep it alive and running and prospering so I don't want to apologize for being pricey as much as I want to be around in the future for people.

Any one got other stories to share?  Bee in touch!!!

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