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Unfortunately I don't have a place to move the hives to.  

Can I move them slowly to a different part of the yard that is away from the fence?  I know I would have to take quite some time to do it, but it will be January before they start work.  

Lee Wisnioski said:

Fred Beiderbecke said:

Irma knocked my fence down and I need to get it replaced.  I have two hives within a few feet of the fence.  Any suggestions on what to do with the hives when they are putting up the fence in that area?

Fred, you are going to have to close up the hives at night.  Then move them to a new location at least two miles away.  Open them up at the new location and leave  them there for two weeks.

In order to return them to their original location, close them up at night and move them back.

Please let us know how it works out?

Good Luck, Lee

Wenceslao, Please remember that these are just opinions. One thing, go to this website ; scroll down to the paragraph about "Opening the Broodnest". You can read that they use a BBEBBEBBEB where B is brood comb and E is an empty frame.  But, when doing this please check the hive within 10 days. I have always have them draw out the frame.

Lee Wisnioski said:

Wenceslao, Do you want to change  all the comb out at the same time?

Most beekeepers replace 20% of old comb annually.  Therefore every five years it has all been replaced.

It is not a good idea to place a new frame with foundation in the middle of a hive.  You might cause the bees to not cross it as it is seen as a barrier.  If you replace an old brood comb frame with a new frame that has drawn comb from a honey super it would be ok to place that in the middle.

It is best to remove from one end and replace from the other.  Keep in mind where the entrance is located which will enable you to understand where the brood nest and honey storage are located.

Good Luck

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